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  1. carrrnuttt

    Ownership Verified: 2018 Durango GT and 2013 Audi S5

    First off, I'd like to acknowledge the hulking elephant in the room. I posted in the thread for it, but me wanting to post about my new toy is how I found out about Viper007Bond's passing. 😢:viper: Love that that man is the reason I can be here to share this. HATE that he won't get to share in...
  2. carrrnuttt

    Video: New TG Trailer

  3. carrrnuttt

    The Grand Tour Is Leaving Crashed Priuses All Over the World :lol:
  4. carrrnuttt

    Video: How To Be A BMW Driver

  5. carrrnuttt

    My (wife's) 2008 Nissan Xterra S 4WD

    We just picked this up yesterday. We traded in the wife's 2004 Pacifica, since it had a lot of inherent problems, and our extended warranties were expiring on it. We ended up with this lovely 2008 Xterra with an extended warranty. Although the Pacifica was an AWD, it didn't have true...
  6. carrrnuttt

    My 2009 RX-8 R3

    With the prompting of the other R3 owner around here that I know of (thevictor390), here's my thread about my current vehicle. It's a 2009 Brilliant Black RX-8 R3. Here are the only (somewhat) decent pictures I have of her for now: Across the street from my house: At my work garage: This...