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  1. Ryan_93

    One of my all time favourite cars - The mighty Audi Quattro

    Snapped this at London classic car show the other weekend at the 40 years of Audi Quattro Exhibition. They also had the mighty S1 E2 Sport Quattro on display too. P.S Mods please move if there is more relevant thread for these type of photographs. I.e. at car shows or spotting.
  2. Ryan_93

    Does anyone else like vintage HiFi gear?

    Other than cars one of my other interests is vintage audio equipment. I built this current space over the last two years tried to go mostly 1970s vibes, but a few components are later than that. I just love all this old analogue gear and I enjoy keeping it all running. Components of my setup...
  3. Ryan_93

    Ownership Verified: 2019 Volkswagen Polo GTI+

    Hi All, Back to the forums after my last post around six years ago. Back then I had a Navara, but it became a nightmare. We ended up selling it for scrap 2015 as it had just too many issues to even bother to rectify. It also turned that it had also been involved in an accident to do with the...
  4. Ryan_93

    2007 Nissan Navara Aventura

    So after essentially an engine rebuild and a new duplex timing chain kit the Navara is now ready to actually use. It's quite a nice thing to drive and the insurance is relatively cheap for me. It should also come down early next year when I turn 21 too. It has, however, been a very problematic...