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  1. Shentar

    Ownership Verified: the Shentars' First motorcycle - Ninja 500R

    My g/f has been wanting a motorcycle for a while, and I was firmly against it. It didn't seem safe or reasonable for the Bay Area, but she really wants one. After 6 months of talking about it, I decided that I needed to deal with my fear of motorcycles in such a way that I would be more...
  2. Shentar

    Shentar and the missus get a bike

    I'm starting out in the world of motorcycles. So far, I've done a lot of reading about various topics to try to figure out whats what as I dip my toes into the motorcycle world. This thread will have some questions of mine and some thoughts. I'd love feedback. Background: A g/f wants to get a...
  3. Shentar

    How to make a black car more visible

    My g/f has a black 2013 Ford Focus (not an ST) and she has been complaining to me about how people always cut her off or try to run her over. For the longest time I thought, maybe, its because she is younger and just not as experienced yet, or is driving too aggressively. It dawned on me, today...
  4. Shentar

    Ownership Verified: A Porsche happened to me

    I previously had this 2006 Infiniti G35 Coup4 6MT I love that car, but I've been jonesing for a Porsche. Its reach 103k miles. This is kind of a neat shot. G35, the Cayman behind the G35, my g/f black 2013 Focus next to it along with my lovely g/f. She was super supportive in my decision, so...
  5. Shentar

    Going to England for a bit and want some advice

    My job is sending me to England for a week. I'll mostly be visiting our office in Coventry for the week, but I elected to stay an extra day in London to look around. I've always wanted to go to England, so its a dream come true really. Hopefully this will be the first of many trips. So on Jan...
  6. Shentar

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I am loving this game. I've loved all of the Zelda games, with the exception of Majora's Mask. I'm really digging the MotionPlus aspect of the game. It makes sword combat a descent amount harder to where is not just a flick your wrist. The art is excellent to the point that I don't notice that...
  7. Shentar

    Minecraft in 3d!

    No, I don't mean like in a 3d engine, but has anyone played Minecraft in 3d? I bought some cheap anaglyph 3d glasses (the red and blue lenses). Its really awesome to play like that. I takes me a few seconds to adjust my eyes and focus correctly, but its seriously cool once you do. I bought...
  8. Shentar

    2011 Monterey Motorsport Reunion - Jaguar

    Hi. If you don't know what the Monterey Historics are, then wtf. :) Its a gathering of old race cars for the public to see. They honor one marque each year, and this year, its Jaguar. It takes place at Laguna Seca in Salinas, CA. I work at the event on the Emergency Crew working tow/fire and...
  9. Shentar

    CA Smog test blues with my Miata

    I'm super frustrated at this point. I've failed my 4th smog test. I ran a smog test in April on the Miata. Its a 1990, so 1.6L engine. There is no EGR on these cars. Its got about 180k miles. First test, I dropped the car off at a place 2 miles from work during my lunch break, in San Carlos...
  10. Shentar

    I made it onto the Speed Channel!

    Its really silly, but I was pretty stoked when I watched the race and saw myself on camera. I'm the guy who arrives on the back of the tow truck, pulls a chain out of the back of the tow truck, and attach it to the back of the RX8. Yellow top with grey sleeves, and white pants...
  11. Shentar

    Plans for the day of the Rapture!

    Its coming up to May 21. If you've seen the billboards, the Rapture is that day. I even got a Facebook invite, so it seems legit! Anyone doing anything cool that day? I'll be at Laguna Seca working at the Ferrari Challenge race, so here's hoping to get a free Ferrari that day.
  12. Shentar

    "Expendables 2"... more actors with more awesomeness

    Yep, they are doing another one. Ign release a few details, mostly the poster. It seems dies. I liked the first one. It wasn't a great movie, but it was epic and a great throwback to the big action films of the 80s and 90s. Looking forward to whatever they come up with. I bet Arnold will...
  13. Shentar

    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

    Has any one else tried this? It is really fun. I know its for the Xbox360, but I believe you can get it on the PS3 as well. The Xbox 360 version is $10 (or 800 points.. why they can't $10 = 1000 points, I'll never know). Here is some gameplay footage: Its a good game that you can sit down...
  14. Shentar

    Bonneville automatic transmission issue

    So a friend of mine has a 96 Pontiac Bonneville. For years he's had a problem with the transmission. When the car is cold, it won't shift out of park. He has to wait for the car to warm up for the transmission to work. Keep in mind, this isn't really dependent on the weather, although it takes...
  15. Shentar

    Alternatives to Cable tv

    I can stand Comcast's pricing. I'm pay a lot for tv, internet, and a phone. I can't use satellite because of where my apartment is located. I may be able to put a Directv dish up on a tripod, but it has to stick out from the balcony a little. Dish Network's sattelite is even worse in terms of...
  16. Shentar

    A Miata joins my G35 Coupe

    I bought this 1990 Miata as a 2nd car for autocross and for my g/f to drive around. I will get some pics with proof later tonight. Here are some pics off my iphone in the meantime: I'll post some higher res pics later with the top up. It is in fantastic shape. Great interior, great paint and...
  17. Shentar

    Devil movie.. another M. Night Shyamalan

    He must have had this going before Avatar came out. So maybe this is the last one if it does poorly.
  18. Shentar

    Autoblog: 2011 Chevrolet Caprice PPV Detective package details uncovered Looks nice. I still wonder how this is really going to be stealthy when they don't sell this car to the public. Granted, the current detective Caprices aren't too stealthy either with their...
  19. Shentar

    Joke DLC Pack (not a real pack)

    I was driving around today, and this thought came into my head: What cars would exist in a pack of cars that would basically be jokes? What if there was a car pack that had stuff that didn't belong in a racing game? What if they released a Toyota Prius? I hate the car, but it would be hilarious...
  20. Shentar

    HTPC vs PS3 or Xbox360

    So I want a media server/player for my living room. I don't want to do live recording, I just want something to play video files I download and occasionally use to surf the net in the living room on my 50" 1080p plasma. The big questions: Do I make a HTPC or just a media server? An HTPC would...