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  1. narf

    Ownership Verified: My '19 2002 turbo

    The old orange convertible is dead, long live the new orange convertible! Now with more vroom :burnrubber::driving: It's a 2019 M240i :woot: Sadly, the i6 is made of plastic :rolleyes: It even has a roof... ...but I haven't driven it with the roof up yet :dunno: Fancy...
  2. narf

    Ownership Verified: My Hot Latino - '16 Beetle Cabrio

    As you may have read around the forums I've just been to Wolfsburg :dance: I wonder where I parked in this sea of bland VWs... a question I won't have to ask any more :D You're looking at my company car for the coming three years, a factory-fresh VW Beetle Cabrio finished in...
  3. narf

    Driving to Switzerland - Got a spare GoPro you're not using in June?

    I'm planning to drive to Switzerland for two weeks in June, so there's bound to be some lovely scenery or cars to capture. Mounting my Z10 under the windscreen is going to suck, and I'm too cheap to just go and buy a GoPro for the trip... so I wondered if there's anyone not using theirs :think...
  4. narf

    Ownership Verified: 14ft of sensibleness...? My '11 VW Eos my head :D Picked it up yesterday :clap: First, let's get the formalities out of the way: The weather's very Novemberish today, so proper pics will follow. Some specs: It's a 2011 Eos in Exclusive trim, 27Mm on the clock, powered by the excellent 2.0TSI with the 6-speed DSG, approved...
  5. narf

    German Federal Elections 2013

    :nod: To get us started, here's the most recent DeutschlandTrend:
  6. narf

    Must-dos/sees in Ireland?

    I'll be in Ireland next week, staying in Galway. What would you recommend doing or seeing? Yes, I'll have a car.
  7. narf

    Happy WoofleYear Day!

    Another year gone by :mouse:
  8. narf

    2011 FIFA World Cup

    Sooo... no thread yet? Here goes. Also,
  9. narf

    No 56k: Lensahn Season Opening 2011

    The first batch of car porn from today :cool: about three more to come :mrgreen: All shrunk to internet friendliness, the original bunch is a couple of GBs :lol:
  10. narf

    Laptop with two HDD bays?

    Does anyone know any laptops with two 2.5" SATA HDD bays that are smaller than 17"?
  11. narf

    No 56k: My Fox (for sale)

    Finally got around to taking some pictures :clap: too bad I forgot some kind of proof of ownership, will do that soon if everyone thinks I made up ownership of this rare expensive hyper car :lmao: Insanely powerful 1.2l 3 cylinder petrol :burnrubber: 4.5 years old, virtually no sign of...
  12. narf

    Ownership Verified: 15ft of sensibleness: My new Octavia

    Some images, in horrible quality tanks to GPRS and it's uberquick 53.6kbps. Will replace them whenever I've got more bandwidth :cry: Update: Hooray for free wifi at McD :lol: some mod maybe add no56k tag so poor people don't suffer :nod: In case you can't read it, it says "narf" on the McD cup...
  13. narf

    Replacing my Fox

    I'm thinking about replacing my Fox, probably late this month motivated by working in a galaxy far, far away... Things it should do... reasonable autobahn performance - no need to do a lot more than 200kph, but doing 160 should be comfortable for longer distances up to 100hp/ton should do...
  14. narf

    German federal elections

    Election day is upon us! Some say, those who do not vote end up as The Stig's dinner. Don't vote in the poll if you're not German or not eligible to vote, just post your favorites. PS: This poll is for your secondary vote (Zweitstimme), because those have the greatest influence on the end...
  15. narf

    Man arrested for drive-by faeces attack

    Was the Marina ever sold in Japan? :unsure:,25197,25943308-12377,00.html