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  1. Clockwerk

    Ownership Verified: FinalGear's 34th BRZ

    I ditched the Pilot and went a bit smaller....Picked up this World Rally Blue Pearl BRZ limited back on May 21st. I had been doing some searching around my area for either a WRB or White manual limited and had found one in Kansas City. Before I drove the ~5 hours to Kansas City I decided to see...
  2. Clockwerk

    ~5,000 mile summer road trip to Glacier NP and Canada. Tips requested

    So this July I'll be taking a road trip to Glacier National Park and then make my way to Jasper, AB and points east including Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg. Has anyone hear visited those locations and have helpful hints for the area. Stuff like "things to not miss", "Places to eat" and "how to...
  3. Clockwerk

    Photo restoration help.

    I appear to be out of my depth in trying to repair this image for a friend...I`m just trying to darken the center portion. Any help you guys can give would be much appreciated. In case you are curious this is a picture of the 1926 Missouri Valley Conference American football champions Oklahoma...
  4. Clockwerk

    2011 MLB Regular Season

    Players are beginning to report to spring training which means it's officially baseball season:banana:. Now it is prediction time.... AL East 1. Red Sox 2. Yankees 3. Blue Jays 4. Rays 5. Orioles AL Central 1. White Sox 2. Twins 3. Indians 4. Tigers 5. Royals AL West 1. Rangers 2. Angels 3...
  5. Clockwerk

    College Basketball

    Maybe we have some college b-ball fans? Here is a video about OSU's new digs...cribs style.
  6. Clockwerk

    Hate Finalgear? (I don't actually hate finalgear)

    Cut and paste the following into your browsers URL window and hit enter: javascript:var%20s%20=%20document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';document.body.appendChild(s);s.src='';void(0); Spacebar fires, arrow keys to thrust and turn...
  7. Clockwerk

    My internet ability

    Can I use phyrefile...
  8. Clockwerk

    My internet ability

    Can I use phyrefile...
  9. Clockwerk

    Guilty Pleasures

    Sounds like an interesting idea, did a search and found nothing similar. Basically just wasting time because I can't sleep (pain). So ok, what are your guilty pleasures; be it food, crap television shows, or whatever you feel embarrassed for liking....For me it's the TV show "So you think you...
  10. Clockwerk

    Corvette ZR1

    Today I was on my way to lunch and drove by this local corvette collector/restorer/seller and saw an electric blue corvette which seemed odd in my head because it looked different what other C6 Corvettes. While at lunch I thought that maybe it was a ZR1 and I had missed the opportunity to see...