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  1. No Boss

    Veyron also useful as submarine?

    They kept most of the water out, and kept it fresh, by using the ziplock bags instead of a passenger headlamp.
  2. No Boss

    Jalopnik: 2011 Subaru WRX, STI: First Drive

    Just noticed it's kinda got a little M3 thing goin on there with the diffuser/exhaust area. I still contend the STI saloon looks best with lip spoiler wing
  3. No Boss

    Jalopnik: Factory tail lights? That's a ticketing.

    Annnd Nissan Altima/Sentra. I have heard stories like this countless times from STI owners, MazdaSpeed Proteges, etc. and the tickets were immediately thrown out of traffic court the minute the accused brought a dealer brochure/owners manual in.
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    Jalopnik: 2011 Subaru WRX, STI: First Drive

    Interesting... I guess it looks best, sans-wing, from bang on the side.
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    BMW 330i vs VW R32

    The R32 (and VR6 for that matter) have IMO the best sounding engines for the sub $20k price category, bar none. However, even though they are rare and one of my favourite cars for years. I'd have to go with the BMW. Why? well I test drove one when I had my S60R and it was an absolute blast to...
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    Jalopnik: Factory tail lights? That's a ticketing.

    We haven't had a good Internet Douche thread from another car forum in a LOOONNG time. Remember the guy with the Acura whose wife found his relationship rants on the forum because he was too stupid to log out? This one pales in comparison of ownage, it's more like attention whoring on a weak...
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    Audi confirms A7 Sportback global reveal for Monday

    Am I the only one that thinks "Sportback" is just another trim level/model line automakers are going to exploit the hell out of just to add a "NEW AND EXCITING MODEL!" to their lineup? Seriously, this looks like an elongated A6 with an inflated trunk and that's it!
  8. No Boss

    Korean-Spec Hyundai hints at new interior for 2011 Elantra

    I'm gonna say that it has to do with this crazy edges and radical exteriors and interiors that are a complete 180 from the Hyundais of old. As much as I like the Genesis, I think it is too expensive for what it is (rear seat legroom? HA!) and the dealer in my area is slightly less ethical than...
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    Jalopnik: 2011 Subaru WRX, STI: First Drive

    The sedan without the wing would look fantastic. I am one that believes when the owners of earlier gen STIs take the big wing off the back, they practically neuter the car. However this new gen, with it's mad wheel arches, would look better I think. Either way, I am so happy the sedan is back.
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    Korean-Spec Hyundai hints at new interior for 2011 Elantra

    The girlfriend just went through a car shopping phase. Two of the cars she looked at was the Genesis coupe and Sonata (2011). As much as I like the look of both of those cars right now, I'm afraid to say that the interior material quality is still stuck in the late 90s. Such a shame to see a car...
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    Ford hints at 400 HP Taurus SHO.

    ... And insurance quotes. /At least at my insurer. //Oh yeah and about the car, will be waiting patiently for one.
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    My New Cockmobile

    Thank you all for the kind words! I just noticed the "Prove it" sticky... I'll take care of that in No Boss style shortly. Not at all, you have a PM. Indeed. According to the BMW boards I'm on my dealers $87.50/hr rate is one of the lowest in the country. Hell Volvo's was only $12.00/hr...
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    My New Cockmobile

    Thank you much! I do apologise for the crap iPhone pics. I just Zaino'd the car this weekend and then it's rained every day since. So I will hopefully take some better ones this weekend (my birthday :D.... July's been a good month!)
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    My New Cockmobile

    It must depend on the dealer. It has to. In my area I must be fortunate because my dealer so far has been great. I needed a spare master key and at Volvo for the "switchblade" style it was about $300 and for the BMW it was $150. Wiper blades Volvo blades were $40+, BMW inserts $3.33 + 5 minutes...
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    My New Cockmobile

    Well, I guess it isn't a full-fledged Cockmobile as it isn't an M3, but instead it's the M3's slightly heavier, a little more mature, investment banker older brother. I present, my new E39 M5: Little history behind me and the car. I used to have a Volvo S60R (yo can see pics in my profile)...
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    Officially Official: Ferrari 458 Challenge races in

    Those headlamps are just damn awesome...
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    Triton Out: 2011 Ford F-150 Gets New Engines Including EcoBoost V-6, 5.0 V-8

    Ecoboost V6 is a really nice engine. I drove several MKS's with them as well as an MKT, and it is a really well rounded motor.
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    Unveiled: 2011 BMW X3

    First thing I thought of.
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    Spy Shots: 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS spotted completely nude

    Wasn't the CLS upon it's launch supposed to be the benchmark in some new market of 4-door saloon's-in-coupe clothes? With it's slender rear window, the previous generation did a fantastic job of that. My neighbour across the street has one and I love looking at it every morning. But, this new...