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  1. Scooby5

    The celebrity situation... it's getting worse

    The scripting got to be a problem. It's okay to have bullet points, but not a word-for-word pre-planned joke or staged laugh. That got really irritating and must be avoided at ALL costs. So, in comparison the current guest format works in a relaxed, casual chat kind of way and once Matt settles...
  2. Scooby5

    [24x04] March 26th, 2017 - Chiron vs everything

    Agreed completely. There seems to be a great relationship between Matt and Chris, clearly shown at the end of the race - only need to get Rory a bit more in tune and involved and all will be dusted. We need the news section back to make better use of the conversational aspect of the guests'...
  3. Scooby5

    [24x03] March 19th, 2017 - DB11 vs. S63 / GTI Clubsport

    Going slightly against the flow....... I enjoyed it, with the exception only of the Nurburgring section. I think it was good for Matt to have a friend as his guest, it could help him get used to interviewing guests in the conversational style that's required when it's 3-vs-1. Tamsin also did...
  4. Scooby5

    Analysis on the rise and fall of CHM

    Funny, I gave an opinion, mine, but never said how anybody else should feel so I certainly didn't mention anything "universally." If S2 starts out better, from my opinion, then I might stick with it but I'll certainly watch the first. Given the series was shot in advance of televising I...
  5. Scooby5

    Analysis on the rise and fall of CHM

    That's exactly what I did after the third episode. I stuck with the last reason of TG but couldn't stick out through the TGT season. Bloated, old and overly scripted the whole killing of celebs week after week was okay only once and even then they did it three or four times already in the first...
  6. Scooby5

    DMCA Notice

    I've been watching TG since the days of William Woollard, Chris Goffey and then Tiff, Tony Mason and the original Clarkson through the ups and downs. Sadly the BBC's attitude towards the very people that made the franchise a success means that, for an expat Brit of 20yrs, they've put the final...
  7. Scooby5

    Three Pedals or Two Pedals?

    Out of the ten cars I've owned four have been automatic, including my current one. My fifth was an automatic but with a small 1.4L engine and that really sucked. Always hunting for a gear and never stable so I was nervous later when I bought another automatic in a Cherokee but the difference...
  8. Scooby5

    What TGUS Presenter to Drop? [Part 2]

    I voted none, given the improvements in season 2. From the start of the show, with new titles and branding each guy 'The Wrecker', 'The Expert' and 'The Driver' the show is setting itself up differently from TG-UK, which is a good thing. I like the new version, with less studio time and more...
  9. Scooby5

    Tanner Foust

    I like the second season more than the first. I'm pleased they've taken a departure from the UK format by spending more time out of the studio and simply driving and getting stuck in. Showing off Tanner's ability in the last show gives cred to the show for actually knowing what they're doing...
  10. Scooby5

    TGA Axed

    I see the TG-Aus taking a nosedive in the current season but TG-US actually getting better, I think since they've gone out now trying to be different from the original and not a carbon copy like Aus. I find the US version funnier this year than last and I think the change to more...
  11. Scooby5

    [16x01] January 23rd, 2011

    Was okay. The Yeti review could have been done without the worthless comparisons to a Maybach or Ferrari, and trying to land a helicopter on it. Nice to see TG doing some real world (ish) testing again though. The new Stig appeared quicker than the old one even just watching the Atom lap...
  12. Scooby5


    Thatcher single handedly destroyed most of the "bad" unions back in the 80's and now the UK has very little industry to call its own.......however, it does still have the industry itself. All the while BL and the coal mines were going out on strike our rivals were rubbings their hands in glee...
  13. Scooby5

    Ecomentalists: "Save The Earth, Eat Your Dog."

    For years governments and the enviro guys have been punishing car owners and fliers etc. because it's an easy target but when i read this in our local paper yesterday all i could think was well, great, when the shoe's on the other foot suddenly its not so nice anymore. What we should be doing...
  14. Scooby5

    Season 14 slid off track

    I felt sorry for May, the butt of a primary school bully and his giggling mate. May had done a good job, much better than the other two (I liked his idea and the execution) and his reward...... ridicule and torment. Maybe not in real life but certainly the way it came over on TV and now this is...
  15. Scooby5

    Business Confidence - Guardian Article

    Unfortunately that's greatly what got everybody in trouble, spending and more importantantly spending on credit and beyond their means. Bad loans and unpaid credit is as big a problem for consumers as the trillions in debt now built up by governments to fund their stimulus packages. People...
  16. Scooby5

    New poll finds that 39 percent of Americans want government to 'stay out of Medicare'

    It's in the government's interest to keep the electrorate as dumb as possible. The desire to be a polititian should automatically bar you from ever being one! - Billy Connolly -
  17. Scooby5

    Clarkson's "lady area" t-shirt causes problems

    That from a man with a smoking pussy as an avatar ;)
  18. Scooby5

    [13x04] Ratings

    The problem is, nobody knows how pish an episode is going to be until its too late. If #5 follows on without improvement from #4 then ratings begin to drop.
  19. Scooby5

    Andy Willman Please READ THIS THREAD [Viper ACR for loan]

    TGUSA would be more likely.