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  1. LP

    Punny restaurant names

    So Redliner made some punny Indian restaurant names and I had the idea to make this thread to see what we could all come up with, given our creativeness. Come up with creative restaurant names based off the particular native country's dishes or the country itself. Redliner's names: Second to...
  2. LP

    LP needs a motorized horse-drawn cart

    Hai I need car halp plz bye. Ok but on the real, here is my situ: I lost my Subaru. I was taking my friends on a trip to Taco Bell before one of our friends left for Germany. We were doing 30 on a 25 and on a blind hill this car was in the middle of the intersection of the blind hill and I hit...
  3. LP

    Keep an eye on my cat remotely

    So we're leaving for a couple of days to go see the total solar eclipse. woot. However, we will be leaving our cat behind for that time. We have an automatic pet feeder that works on battery and plugged in. We have a little powered drinking fountain thing full of water. I'm trying to set up my...
  4. LP

    Family computer

    So the elders (dad mostly) needs a computer that he can watch youtube videos and do some basic excel/word and email checking on. He's currently doing everything on his smartphone. Requirements: No Laptops No closed off non-expandable or modifiable thing No mac Decent-ish monitor size CD Drive...
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    Ownership Verified: LP impulse buys a new car

    So as many of you might know from my random thoughts thread post, I was in a car accident and my 2011 Honda Civic went bye-bye. REST IN PEAS HONDA. So I had to go for a new car and here it is: J/K, here it actually is. Here it is in the snowfall that just happened an hour ago...
  6. LP

    It's gettin' hot in here, so check on all your cores

    I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off heat my cores up. So my machine, which I built back in 2011, is heating up. I have core temp loaded up and at "idle", it's anywhere from 37-47C. Which is fine, that's what I expect it to sort of be at, although 47C is a bit high for usual idle...
  7. LP

    Amping your headphones

    Hello FG members with a bad case of audiophilia. I understand your woes. I recently got my ATH-M50 headphones, having gone through so many pairs of other headphones and I'm certainly happy with them. My phone is what I hit up when it comes to music while I'm on the go, and when I'm at home or...
  8. LP

    Slow SSD?

    So when I built my computer back in 2011, I bought an SSD. Here is the exact one that I bought. It's a SATA II, with an advertised read and write speed (sequential) of ~275 MB/s. When I first installed the SSD and used it, it was...
  9. LP

    Help me choose the best mnemonic devices that my students wrote

    So as extra credit on this one lab assignment I had my students come up with clever mnemonic phrases for the stellar spectral types: OBAFGKM. The current one that we're taught as astronomy students is "Oh Be A Fine Girl/Guy Kiss Me". But this is old and I wanted to see what clever ones they...
  10. LP

    New Games thread

    Similar to the New Toys thread for tech, I thought we should have a topic for "new" games that you've bought. They don't have to be new obviously, but they're new to YOU. If this is something that the mods don't want, then please feel free to remove the topic, no worries. I just felt it would...
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    I think we should have a thread dedicated to sporcle, the wonderful time-sink of a website. It's a place where you can basically take quizzes and challenges and challenge each other. I have an account on there, but I might make another account just for FG.
  12. LP

    Random poll: Temperature Tolerance

    Since I feel like posting here more now, I thought I'd do a poll, especially as a simple discussion arose now amongst friends. At what temperature range would you feel remiss just wearing a simple shirt? What is your tolerance I would say is the main question. Or I guess in other words, what is...
  13. LP

    Game Grumps

    If you haven't seen these guys, go watch them right now: Basically Arin Hanson (egoraptor) and Jon Jafari (JonTron) pair up to play video games together and lots of luls are had. My favorite series would be: Goof Troop Megaman 7 Kirby Superstar Mario...
  14. LP

    Posting and selling photos

    So where do you guys post your photos? Do you ever sell them? I used to post on flickr, but then kept it all on my personal website and post on facebook otherwise. I've been starting to use 500px, but getting no hits on it. What about you guys?
  15. LP

    Major video card issue

    Fuck this shit. So I have an MSI OC... shit I'll paste it from newegg. "MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card" This thing was amazing...
  16. LP

    Who's your zombie apocalypse team?

    Mine is Dr. Cal Lightman, Eminem, and Gordon Freeman.
  17. LP

    How good are you at geography?

    So I remember taking this geography class at college and I was so proud that I could remember all the countries in any particular continent. I did really well. However, some time after I started losing my memory, and so I've been doing these sporcle quizzes to sort of refresh myself. So let's...
  18. LP

    Anyone play scramble with friends?

    Thought since we had a topic about "Draw something", I would find out about "scramble with friends". Anyone here play it? If you have me on your Facebook you can add me through that, if you want to play. Warning though: I kinda suck
  19. LP

    Useless things you're really good at

    Post all the things that you have great skill and talent in, but have no use whatsoever in real life. Like stuff you're stupidly good at for no apparent reason. My unfortunate, weird, stupid, dumbass thing that I'm good at that has no real life applications whatsoever is that I'm really damn...
  20. LP

    Religion thread (BE RESPECTFUL)

    Since the random thoughts thread has started increasing in posts about religion, I, with the ideas and posts from others, thought we should have a dedicated thread about it. Here's the deal though: Just as with the political section - DON'T DISRESPECT OTHERS. Everyone comes from some background...