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  1. drat1964

    Chris Evans quits the show

    Channel 9 here in Australia are now advertising that new topgear will start here next Thusday, the adds for the show neither mention or show Evans at all and the graphic of the hosts at the end of the add show LaBlanc, Sabine and the Stig only.
  2. drat1964

    The Grand Tour

    I think the new name works, although I'm not sure about the claim the BBC could stop them using "top" or "gear" in the new name the BBC didn't stop fifth gear using its name and that was a pretty clearly a play on topgear. Frankly I think the BBC lost their minds when they let Clarkson go, as I...
  3. drat1964

    Chris Evans - Hold or Fold?

    TGA had a number of problems, the lack of chemistry in the original cast, which was improved a bit in the later cast when it moved to the commercial Nine network, but that move was also its downfall, as unlike the noncomercial SBS, Nine cancelled as soon as it dropped in the ratings, not even...
  4. drat1964

    Chris Evans [of the UK] - three-year Top Gear deal

    One of the better elements of the old show where the races, if an Evans show is just him, will he race himself, TG stopped being a real car show years ago, it was a piece of entertainment, if you want a car show then you get something like fifth gear (interesting but not that popular). In old...
  5. drat1964

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    We have (here in Australia) already had a taste of what this may be like, TG is very popular here, it was originally broadcast on a (BBC like) network called SBS and they tried to do a spinoff 'TG Australia" SBS is like the BBC and to some extent less worried about ratings but it's version of TG...
  6. drat1964

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Not quite true Leno left twice the first time due to low ratings, and only came back after Conan O'Brian left, Leno hasn't been the host for a number of years as it is now hosted by Jimmy Fallon. In any case all these hosts are supported by a team of writers, in a formula show that has many...
  7. drat1964

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    The three hosts are certainly a team, and more recent media reports suggest Hammond and May might also leave, Andy Willman (exec-producer) is a life long friend of Clarkson and co-inventor of the new TG, they went to school together and he is still one of the main driving forces of the direction...
  8. drat1964

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    I think if you are a BBC executive who actually fires Clarkson you will be rather foolish, as others have stated above the rights to TGUK are owned by beeb but what's in a name. It's the chemistry of the hosts that make the show. Today it was being reported here (Australia) that the BBC where...
  9. drat1964

    will there be top gear after Jeremy?

    Reading through the posts, I found the above, Clarkson and Hammond where in season 1 of the reboot but not 'May' then it was Jason Dawe, a technical/used car salesman type, May replaced him in season 2, thank goodness. Any TV show evolves or dies, TG has and the failed Aussie show (after several...