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  1. m102486

    smaller wheels better ride? corolla 2015

    Hi folks, I have a 2015 red corolla with 16" x 6.5" rims 205/55r16 would changing to a 15"wheel provide a better ride? What rubber would be ideal? 195/65 or 205/65 or 215/60. Its my first time to change a tire size of a car, would the width also affect ride quality? Also do you guys think...
  2. m102486

    how much has car comfort improved over the years?

    I'm looking to get a new car, looking at particularly at the Mazda 3, Honda fit, Toyota Corolla or Isuzu Mu-x I currently drive a 1999 honda accord. I find the ride to be better than most small cars of the early 2000s. how much has car comfort improved over the years? any experiences?
  3. m102486

    Is this PC build okay ?

    Keeping it at a budget is this build okay for games? and maybe a little editing video etc? (light gaming/editing mostly browsing but opening lots of windows/programs at the same time. PCU: I3 3210 (3220 not in stock with my local computer parts shop) MOBO: Asus P8h61 m LX USB 3.0 Video card...
  4. m102486

    Let The Right One In

    A Vampire themed movie worth watching/reading(there's a book). Bad news: it has a remake/hollywoodized version coming in oct 2010. Here's the trailer Full movie here
  5. m102486

    Please Help PC Build. :)

    I need help building a new pc which will be used for surfing, movies and music plus light gaming. I dont want to spend to much money and want this to last for the next 3-5 years. So here it is 9400 Core 2 quad or I5 750. Which mother board fits well with either of them? what Video card is...
  6. m102486

    HDD problem and new computer

    Hello Guys, My computer is not loading, it starts upto the windows loading screen then suddenly turns off, I suspect that its the hard drive but it is still runnng(I could feel it vibrate) its atleast 4 years old I will be building a new one can you guys help me? I have browsed through many...
  7. m102486

    jeremy as dick dastardly saw this on youtube, funny I think. :lol:
  8. m102486

    The Brown Stuff, composite material aimed to replace carbon fiber.

    Pics can be seen here original source(no pics): this :lol::lol::lol:
  9. m102486

    World's Most Expensive Number Plate

    taken from : Talal Khouri holding up the most expensive car number-plate in the world after purchasing it for 25.2mn dirhams at an auction in Abu Dhabi yesterday
  10. m102486

    1975 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Sport

    I bought this october last year this is what it looked liked: Filler Heaven LOL! Fast forward to today, Body works almost finished but still a lot of work to do Its not fast but I'm hoping to improve my driving skills with this, No power steering, everythings mechanical and its...
  11. m102486

    First Veyron Crash!

    Saw this on another site...
  12. m102486

    Amazing Barn find

    I saw this in another forum its a barn that was welded shut for the past 15 year... all:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: n
  13. m102486

    Mosquito tone, supposedly adults cant hear

    Its quite old, but i just saw this on the BBC. :)
  14. m102486

    removing cat converter

    i have an old ford ltd 302cid v8 will it be ok if i remove the catalytic converter and just replace it with a pipe? what will be the negative effects? or should i just replace it with a bigger cat converter
  15. m102486

    Paper Lotus 7 (Origami) I just saw this last night. its a lotus 7 made from paper. Click on the DATA DOWNLOAD to download the Body panels and under the DATA DOWNLOAD (the one written in japanese is the steps on how to make your own paper 7) :D
  16. m102486

    Honda Jazz or suzuki swift

    i'm going to buy a new car a small one which do you think is better/ more fun to drive. :roll: both 1.5 manual or are the CVTs better?
  17. m102486

    F1 who do you think was responsible in US Grand Prix

    :thumbsup: :thumbsdown: