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    Heavy Storm in Perth and some advice wanted

    The day before yesterday a storm with 146km gusts tortured our Baldivis village here in WA Australia, I drove 240 Km yesterday and I bet I saw hundreds of trees fallen over, it was really bad. The hood of my 73 Ford F250 got almost blown away and when I went to pick it up, a big sign came flying...
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    When you have a Nintendo Wii (= a bit soso), Metal Slug and House of the dead makes it awesome. When you eat a Hotdog, some sauce and baked unions makes it awesome. When you watch a good movie, DTS sound makes it awesome. When you watch the next music clip "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae, the...
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    Can you wait to buy videogames or do you buy them when they come out?

    Usually if it is a game like GT5, a game that keeps on going, like online, I don't wait long after the release and buy it. For other games I can wait forever. Sometimes I buy games when they come out, just because I can't wait, like God of War 3. Unfortunately it is still new in shrinkwrap as I...
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    Carmageddon: Reincarnation

    They're trying to make this game and raise money. Well of course I don't need any of the crap, I'll just buy the game when it comes out (and it's any good) like in the real world... those guys are dreamers. To the point. Do you like this genre of games...