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    Hammond fully recovered, IMO

    Sorry to butt in here, but i think it's blatantly obvious that he's not fully recovered yet. Just as it was obvious when he returned for series 9 and everyone around him was claiming he was "all fixed" - he was very far from it - as he has since admitted. Yes, he has come a long way and that's...
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    Jeremy Clarkson hits back!

    For the most part I agree with Clarkson's views on speed entirely. Also, I have always thought he is top of the tree in his industry...But one thing is peeing me off slightly just now -- him making light of Hammond's injuries so he can keep saying he is living proof that speed don't kill - ok...
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    Fifth Gear or Top Gear?

    Top Gear - whoever put those 3 presenters together is pure genius - Ok. you may not agree with everything they say about the cars - but it's all a matter of opinion anyway - the fact is, it's like watching your mates do a test drive and argue about it down the pub afterwards - and the...
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    BTW james may is on UK TV 2moro night!

    I loved it! Really held my interest and I didn't think he was portrayed as a yob - but you could tell that bits of Clarkson's and Hammond's character had come off on him!! Oz was being a bit too poncey and he was rebelling against it was all.
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    The Upcoming Series 9

    Yeah - each show is filmed the Wednesday before it goes on air.
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    Clarkson on BBC1 tonight

    As well as being fed up maybe with being asked the same questions about Hammond all the time, they're probably wanting the fuss to die down as much for his sake as theirs (I'd like to think so anyway). They've got a show to put out in January and they need to be able to get back to normal in...
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    Clarkson on BBC1 tonight

    Astonmartin, I think I get where you're coming from - but Clarkson has built an image for himself over the years that has worked for him and he won't deviate from it now...We have to take the fact that he's making jokes about Richard as proof that he'll be ok, and to be fair, he has said Top...
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    Hamster's helmet - vote on style & design

    Good on you guys!! A bit off of the BBC not to reply - they onlly had to check out this site to see you were genuine...
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    The Upcoming Series 9

    Sorry Viper, didn't mean to pee you off!! I was just wondering how they keep the ideas coming - like, what's left for them to do?!! I hope it goes on forever - can just see them whizzing round in their mobility scooters when they're old and grey!: :D
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    The Upcoming Series 9

    Seems to be mid to end of January for series 9 to be shown....but does anyone think there will be a 10th series? (Sorry if this is not the correct thread to ask this question)
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    Finally, Veyron!

    I'm with Mercury on this one, I don't see how what JC did with it can be bettered, other than doing a power lap with it. Still - it'll be nice to look at the thing again - it's a cool piece of work.
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    [NEW ARTICLE] JC on the VW Polo 1.8 GTI

    I suppose, given the number of years Clarkson has been in this game, we'll have to forgive him for repeating himself now and again ( i.e. American bashing!) It seems wrong to criticise Clarkson - he is, after all, the master of the motor journalists, but, just sometimes, I find myself thinking...
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    Jeremy Clarkson hits back!

    A great article - a really eloquent defence of Top Gear , and couldn't agree with him more. Of the two articles, though, I preferred James May's as it had more of a human, down to earth touch about it.
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    Top Gear: English ICON

    I voted... love to see the faces of the anti Top Gear journo's if Top Gear was made an English icon! Awesome!
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    TV News spots on Hammond's crash(old perhaps)

    Seems incredible that he pulled through doesn't it?...I really thought they knew he wasn't going to make it when those first reports came out.
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    Hamster's helmet - vote on style & design

    Not that it's anything to do with me - I'm too new to have been involved, but I think you're doing the right thing in going ahead - presumably you want to send it to him before he returns to work and that's not far off now. Besides, he'll probably keep it as a souvenir, more than actually...
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    Motor Authority: "Top Gear ?professional? crashes Lambo"

    This story appeared in the Daily Mirror yesterday - they tried to make it sound real dramatic, when it's obviously just the kind of off that happens all the time - there are obviously some sections of the media who have it in for Top Gear.
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    Hamster's helmet - vote on style & design

    Just wanted to say good luck with this - a brilliant idea - hope you're able to get the size issue sorted and pull this off.
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    Hammond Back Behind The Wheel

    I think he looks damn good considering he was a death's door a few weeks ago.
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    Hammond Back Behind The Wheel

    He writes for the mirror though, doesn't he? So it was a safe bet they would have the first pics of him driving again...My guess is The Sun will retaliate by snatching one of him taking his girls to school or something, then - hopefully - he will be left in peace until the pics of him recording...