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    Chicagoans/Illinois folks, need help

    Hope these links help you, pretty active. <- general guide, use search on right hand side. There are several college students who subscribe. <- look for jobs, also look up craigslist. <-...
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    Google+ Who's on it?

    Some interesting people to follow on G+ . Includes several staff from Google and names in Tech. Me here ->
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    Tech Fails

    While interviewing a web developer guy - I have built screens (he meant GUI). Had a friend over - your wifi will not all my computer to connect to the internet - checks wifi switch, it is off. Colleague buys dvds since they are large capacity, tries to write using a cd writer. In college, friend...
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    Acceleration times - Fiction and Truth

    Why would someone test the Prius for its acceleration times ? I thought that would show up on the 'mileage - truth vs fiction' thread.
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    News: 2012 Jaguar's new 3-Series a.k.a. Jaguar XS

    The name XS reminded me of this product from Amyway - very glad I stayed away from this one.
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    iphone gps/map help

    I remember trailguru used to do that, haven't used it since a few months. But do look it up.
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    The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

    They did not know of zoom lens ?
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Kawasaki's Goldwing competitor prototype..
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    U.S. Regulators Looking Into Kids' Overspending on In App Purchases

    May be some senators kid spent bucket loads of money on apps.
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    Thinking of getting 13" MBP

    I have heard many people use WD-40 and some people nail polish remover (acetone) and sometimes isopropyl alcohol. Try on a tiny dot first, sometimes it damages the matt finish, if surface below sticker is plastic then acetone may cause discolouration.
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    Thinking of getting 13" MBP

    That was a Z11 which had a hdd option , I don't think the current Z (Z13) has hdd as an option anymore.
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    Thinking of getting 13" MBP

    ^ Viper's model drop tested.
  13. vivek0072

    Thinking of getting 13" MBP

    Also heard that the optical drive may be lost in favor of a bigger battery.
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    outlook question

    This or you could sort by 'conversation'. If I remember correctly the option of replying with attachment is a default server setting but can be overridden by the client. If you want the replies to come back with the attachment the person replying it should have it been enabled on his machine. I...
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    Thinking of getting 13" MBP

    I would be interested to know how the Z performs, I have thinking of getting one myself and have heard bad stories about the ssd on the Z.
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    Chris Harris Rants against Ferrari

    When I was looking around for my first car, I remember walking into a Ford dealership along with my friend. There was a Ford GT(40) in the lobby and my friend went 'What's a Ferrari doing in a Ford dealership ?' :lol:
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    [16x03] February 6th, 2011

    I saw a hand wiping the TG camera in first section of Albania trip. The old migs. I really liked the drag race, the AMG appeared really quick when it overtook the Bentley. I went amg = omg. If Jezza was allowed to hoon the lolvo why not stig ?
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    Backwards cars?!

    This thread shows up on Autoblog.