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  1. vivek0072

    SLS driver gets ?650,000 ticket. In Switzerland, driver says "I think the speedo on the car, which is new, is faulty."
  2. vivek0072

    Qn - Watching the Aurora Borealis around Chicago

    I was reading about the solar storm headed our way and decided to look at the Geophysical Institute website to see if it was possible to watch the Aurora Borealis around Chicago, it does appear to be active on Wednesday and Thursday. Does anybody know where would be a good place to watch it...
  3. vivek0072

    Automat - shift into neutral at red lights ?

    A few months back, we were driving along with my ex-manager and at the red light he would shift the car into neutral. The car is an automatic, and when asked why he did it he said it adds to the life of the car, esp. brakes & transmission. His logic was that at the red light, the car is trying...