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  1. TobiasG

    Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

    After watching Harry's video, it is easily marriage material
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    Automotive memes

  3. TobiasG

    Random Thoughts....

    I guess he knows his daughter? :)
  4. TobiasG

    2020 F1 season thread

    What crowd?
  5. TobiasG

    Random Thoughts....

    I feared you would go somewhere else with that one sock at the beginning. As for the second part, is the feeling the same if you change the sock to the right foot?
  6. TobiasG

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Yeah, I've been tired of the US bashing for 3 years now as well. But you must admit that your marketing department has been extraordinary shit for the past 4 years or so. The good news though is that it can't get any worse. Right?
  7. TobiasG

    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    You should remember this. Clearly she doesn't have her priorities straight. Could be trouble in the future Edit: Just in case it wasn't clear, I'm kidding, I'm sure it will be fine :D Congratulations on your new place btw :)
  8. TobiasG

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    From 15. July, I can travel to the countries in green without going into quarantine after I get back home. Roll on Ringmeet!
  9. TobiasG

    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    No clue. I only get up 2 minutes after the sun hits my tent
  10. TobiasG

    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    If the current trajectory continues, then I think I will be able to make it. The ferrys have started to go now as well
  11. TobiasG

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    As another neighbouring country, our GDP is estimated to drop 5.5% this year. We locked down, Sweden didn't. We have 238 death as of today, Sweden got 4542. And you think Sweden got it right?
  12. TobiasG

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    I have always been a bit meh towards the supra, but it is growing on me
  13. TobiasG

    Post a pic of yourself

    But you looked happier at ringmeet!
  14. TobiasG

    State of the Forum vs Telegram

  15. TobiasG

    Icetrack Meet 2020 - Breaking old Rekords

    Can't see the picture
  16. TobiasG

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    It is inconclusive. But there is a trend. It just shows we need more testing. A lot more testing
  17. TobiasG

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Not really great news this. But more studies have to be made before any conclusion can be made. South Korea reported that at least 74 people that had the corona virus and recovered, are now infected again. There seem to be low numbers of antibodies on younger people in particular. Higher among...
  18. TobiasG

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Wrong thread? Edit: While I'm here. Norway has just passed 100 dead (101) But the number of new infections are going down, and the number of people in intensive care is also dropping (249 as of today).
  19. TobiasG

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Dr. John Campbell is giving daily updates of the world and explaining things as things unfold. I have been following him for the last week and its a good way to stay up to date on whats going on.