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    Glad to hear you are okay, @DanRoM , that could have been much worse. 😬
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    Random Thoughts....

    That appears to be a 6 year old article. Here's something more recent. -
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    The 2020 elections, news, and discussions

    One can hope.
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    The Trump Presidency - how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Hair

    I think he will loose, as long as there isn't armed militia at polling stations enforcing a Trump vote, the question is if he will leave office.
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    Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

    Escort seems ok, but I see some rust holes. Located in a very appropriate town though (Brown City). Buick is nice, not sure it's $13k nice, like you said. Maybe if it was a V8 car.
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    I trust the guy making the image below. He painstakingly combs for each county's daily numbers and compiles all of the data himself. Unless all the counties are cooking the books (I suppose that's possible, but not likely), it does seem to be trending downwards for the entire state.
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    No Malarkey Here!... By Popular Request, the Joe Biden Thread

    He just can't help but unlikeable, can he?
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    Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

    I've never understood these. A hardtop convertible truck with a hard tonneau cover that can't be removed with styling only a mother could love on a Trailblazer frame.
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    The 2020 elections, news, and discussions

    I'd say there were more than a few that voted 3rd party last time so they didn't have to vote for the Douche or the Turd Sandwich.
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Ohio Governor tests positive for Covid-19, calls off meeting with Trump.
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    The 2020 elections, news, and discussions

    This sure seems like it's meant to take vote's away from Uncle Joe...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

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    Took it easy tonight, just didn't feel like riding hard. Still had fun, but I need to get my lights working. I nearly hit a mailbox on a dark road. 😬
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    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    I want to pick one of those up to clean siding, cars, bicycles, etc. Not enough water pressure for more stubborn stuff.
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    If I don't want to load the bike up and drag it to the greenways, that's about my only choice, unfortunately. I did do that today though (I was already in town to "work" at the trophy shop).
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    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    (Sung to the tune of I Have a Little Dreidel) I have a little bagel. I made it out of dough. And when it's boiled and ready, then bagel I shall stow. Oh bagel, bagel, bagel, I made it out of dough. Oh bagel, bagel, bagel, in my mouth you go.
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    What a great evening! We don't normally get these nice 80f/26c days in August, but I'll take them anytime.
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    Let's have a laugh