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  1. Average Guy

    Koenigsegg Agera RS sets new speed record at 444.6 km/h / 277.9 mph

    This has just been posted on Koenigsegg's facebook page: That tops the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport's current record, which was 431 km/h / 267.856 mph.
  2. Average Guy

    New hardware

    Hey guys :) I want to upgrade my computer for gaming and I would like to hear what you can recommend :) I need: CPU MOBO RAM Requirements: Mobo has to be good for FULL SLI because i have bought a GTX 460 and at some time I would like to put one more in :) I dont care about Intel, AMD or...
  3. Average Guy

    The Android thread

    Since the Android OS Is becoming so popular I thought I would make a thread for it (: We can just talk about Android phones, Android news, apps and so on. I will start by saying I can?t wait to get the Android 2.1 for my Hero. What I have heard is that it should be released in mid February (...
  4. Average Guy

    What SSD to get for a HP DV6?

    Hey! Well, I got a Hp dv6 with a 5400rpm hard drive for Christmas and now im thinking about buying a SSD for it. I have looked at some but I really don?t know what to get. So I thought maybe some of you could help me (: I would prefer 80gb but I can live with 64gb if it makes it a lot more...
  5. Average Guy

    Laptop for christmas

    Heey! :) I was just about to buy a macbook. But then windows 7 came (as a big improbement to Vista) and I could get a allot cheaper and allot faster laptop if bought a PC. So now I have been looking for a PC with the maximum cost of $800. (A laptop in US for $800 is about the same as a laptop...
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    HTC Hero

    Hero Website HTC has made this new phone called HTC Hero. The phone is running Googles mobile OS Android and it seems pretty nice! Im actually thinking about selling my iPod touch and buying this because i just love the OS! But what do you think about it? And would you take this over the...
  7. Average Guy

    New computer monitor

    Hey guys! Im looking for a new monitor for my computer and i just wanna know what you guys think is the best if it has to be: - Around ?200 - 22'' widescreen /Small Guy ;)
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    MacBook as school computer?

    Hello guys (; I'm really falling in love with the new MacBook and I would like to hear what you people think about it, what problems it has and what the good thing there is about it because I have never had a Mac (I have the iPod Touch but i don't know if that can compare). I'm starting in 9th...
  9. Average Guy

    Stickers for helmet

    Hey (: I have been looking for a helmet sticker for a while but i just cant find it :( The sticker I'm looking for is the eye like sticker that some of the japanese riders are using in the 125cc class. Do any of you know where i can find it? (and have it sent to denmark?) Thanks :)
  10. Average Guy

    Best apps from app store (iPod/iPhone)

    Hey guys :) Post your favourite apps from your iPod or iPhone here. Please write if its free or not (: My favourite games: Papijump (free) iGolf/iBowl/iBaseball (free) Other: IM+ (Yahoo, Msn, ICQ, Myspace and more) (free) Wikiamo (Like wikipedia) (free) ;-)
  11. Average Guy

    Best vector tutorial.

    Hey guys. I would like to learn how to vector cars but im not sure about the tutorials I have found. I would love to hear what tutorial you have used :)
  12. Average Guy

    "Toyota Aygo Crazy" Its CRAZY!

    Year 2008 Make Toyota Model Aygo Crazy Concept Body Style Coupe Engine Location Rear Drive Type Rear Wheel Transversly mounted Body / Chassis Unitary steel Weight 1050 kg | 2315.3 lbs Combined MPG 0.00 Introduced At 2008 London Motor Show Performance 0-60 mph 5.6 seconds. Top Speed 205 km/h |...
  13. Average Guy

    The Best Motorsport Pc Game

    Hello... Im pretty board at the time and im thinking of buying a new motorsport game. What is the best motorsport game you know that i can buy to pc? :cool:
  14. Average Guy

    Post Your Saltwater Reefs

    I made this thread because i love saltwater reefs so let me see yours and post your reefs here:) Heres my famelies: In the start of the year me my dad and my sister bougth a Red Sea Max And now its looking like something. (Sry for the bad pictures it is taken with the mobile)
  15. Average Guy

    Help me style an EVO

    Hello guys. I have taken an evo picture and i wanna style i now. Plz help me with find some cars i can take bits off and put on the evo (Rims, Headligths, bumbers and so on) Rigth now its all stock except for that i have lowered the car :)
  16. Average Guy

    Dadys 2003 Honda cbr 954rr

    Top speed about 300kp/h 0-100 about 2,9 secs More info:2003 Honda 900rr specs Tuning/styling: varius carbon parts (not shown on pictures). Leovince titanium exaust.
  17. Average Guy

    My very first.

    Stupid mistake in my first. Watch others longer down :|
  18. Average Guy

    Free Photoshop

    Hello :D is it posible to get a free photoshop program ;D