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  1. dnats

    Top Gear will reveal who the STIG(s) were at their last show !?

    I don't know if this has been talked about before.But do people think Top Gear should reveal who the STIG(s) were at at their last show sometime hopeful far far in the future? Or do people think the Stigs' identity should remain a mystery for eternity? Me, I want closure, so yes I think they...
  2. dnats

    Season 14 slid off track

    Seriously, the 14th season so far is just amateurish. The latest 14x04 is horrible. No entertainment value at the cost of many wrecked perfectly usable cars, especially the Renault Sport. I'm sure it didn't cost much, but still it could have been save for something else, or at least put up it...
  3. dnats

    James May: James May explains the Ekranoplan

    Here's Mr May somewhere cold.
  4. dnats

    First GTR in the Bay Aaaareea!

    Ok, maybe not the first in the Bay Area, but perhaps the first in San Jose Ca. While merging into freeway 280 from SJSU, I was about to overtake this truck, but something told me not too and look what I found, and lime green GTR, my first encounter with mr. godzilla in real life and it is rather...