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    Top Gear returns - May 7th 2006

    w00t! I seriously wonder at people who enjoy US TV. With few exceptions, the good things on US TV are from the UK (ie Hustle). Lucky bastard. Also, the link in your profile gives PHP include errors.
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    Torrent RSS feed is in the works

    I use a bash script called bashpodder that just grabs the .torrent file. it doesn't seem to be working right now, but I'm having a hard time figuring out why that is. [Edit: it seems that bashpodder needs links to be inside enclosures]
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    Would you buy an official Top Gear DVD?

    IF they released the entire Top Gear from Episode One, uncut, they could basically name their price and I'd line up, maybe sell a kidney or two. DVD extras would only make me click a little bit faster. If they only duplicated the stuff I've got from here, I'd still buy it but it would...
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    Model designation deletion of the BMW Ms

    I love sleepers. Not that I have a fast car, but if I did I'd make sure it didn't have obvious tagging on it. I'm undecided about total de-badging, but I definitely like it when you take off the super-performance tag and just leave the regular badge, i.e. taking the M off of a BMW or the STi and...
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    VW commercial

    bwahahahahahaha that's brilliant. All three are absolutely brilliant.
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    Directions... The Microsoft Way

    Mapquest used to be bad in NYC, it didn't quite get that some streets were actually two-way, and would have you going through New Jersey to get downtown. Apparently it got quite broken once and directed some poor sap to go from Harlem to Brooklyn via LA :) Mapquest once directed me to make a...
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    Interesting EVO vs. STI challange.

    I'm kind of over the USDM sti. Subaru of America neutered the whole car. They took the 2.5RS' engine (which is NA), threw cylinder liners on it and some fancy heads with AVCS and called it an STi, but not after adding two overdrive gears to an already too-weak transmission. :x I mean I'm a...
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    Opel/Vauxhall/Holden/Saturn... Relationship

    GM owns both Saturn and Pontiac.
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    Mazda is working on a new RX-7 and the RX-8 MPS!

    I had a thought tonight while bitching about the detuning of the RX-8. From my understanding of the way the Renesis engine works, they've moved the exhaust port from the periphery of the combustion chamber to on the wall, similar to the location of the intake port. I get that they needed to do...
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    Don't sniff glue, this is what happens

    god yes, unfortunately rice like this is entirely too common here in the US. Its tragic, really.
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    I spied a Maybach in midtown a few weeks ago. The numbers don't do it justice, the thing is long. Of course, around there Rolls and the big limo Merc, BMW, Audis and Jags aren't so uncommon, but the Maybach really does stand out, even in that company. Of course I don't see Big Fancy cars...
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    The winner of Top Gear's 2005 Car of the Year goes to...

    I think the Legacy was robbed. The Subaru is clearly superior to all other non-subaru vehicles ever made. I mean come on. :wink: I could talk about the bad grammar and spelling in gaurav_200's posts, or his...interesting use of emoticons, but I think its self evident. Especially considering...
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    What is "Double (D) Clutching"?

    They (WRC cars) have paddles (actually, they have one big paddle in a ring around the steering column, in is up and out is down or something), but they're hooked up to an SMG, not a regular automatic. It looks the same from the driver's seat, but the mechanics are totally different. The...
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    What is "Double (D) Clutching"?

    *ahem* ignore me. SMGs don't have H-patterns, I was clearly drunk at the time.
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    What is "Double (D) Clutching"?

    Pneumatics is like hydraulics except with air instead of special fluid. You have a tube that doesn't flex a lot, and an air pump at one end, and at the other end you've got an attachment to whatever you want to move. Its kind of like a bicycle's brake cables, the outside of the cable is...
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    What is "Double (D) Clutching"?

    dammit, that wasn't "Preview"... Here are two articles that I got some of my numbers from, both from SWRT: and .
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    What is "Double (D) Clutching"?

    Yes, but... A modern WRC gearbox isn't really a manual transmission, it's a manual transmission with either an electronic or pneumatic system attached to it. Any rally car with a paddle shifter has it set up this way. Because the computers can, as you say, match revs perfectly and shift...
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    Some of my photography...

    Somebody once told me that the trick to taking good pictures is taking a lot of bad pictures :) I think that's true. Those are really nice though man, keep posting 'em!
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    What is "Double (D) Clutching"?

    v0od0o maybe you mean a jack? How do you change a tire without a jack? That's one trick I'd like to know. Also, remember that some track sluts will actually swap out their regular synchro gearboxes for non-synchro ones (I think they're called something like dogs tooth, not sure of the proper...