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  1. XeroState

    Any Golfers Around

    Just wondering how many avid or part-time golfers we have here I'd like to golf more, but winter here sort of makes the season about 5 months long
  2. XeroState

    Ownership Verified: Goodbye FWD, hello AWD.

    It was finally time to upgrade my vehicle. After driving numerous vehicles I decided on a 2014 Mazda CX-5 GT, fully loaded. I wanted something that had ground clearance (if you're driving a vehicle year round here, and don't get holidays or sick days, this is a must haha), AWD and technology...
  3. XeroState

    DmC: Devil May Cry

    Anyone planning on picking the game up? At first I wasn't too thrilled about it, but the more I saw it the more I figured I'd give it a chance, and the demo has sold me. Dante is just as arrogant (maybe even more so), the gameplay is what I would expect from a Devil May Cry game (something I...
  4. XeroState

    Computer won't go past POST

    This computer is pissing me off to no ends.. and it's not even my computer. When booting up [there is no OS on it, it is a brand new computer that was built with brand new components] the computer goes to the Gigabyte POST screen for 2-3 seconds, during which it does not allow any user...
  5. XeroState

    Adjust speed of video

    I have 2 video's where the actual video and audio play just to slow [5% or so too slow]. Is there any program that allows me to adjust the speed of playback without re-rendering them [WMP won't let me on these for some reason.. perhaps it's the format, not sure]. It's not a huge problem it...
  6. XeroState

    Need some opinions

    I am looking at getting my first DSLR camera and would just like some opinions. Firstly I have no bias towards either Canon or Nikon, though I would prefer one of those two [just personal preference]. Now one guy who I know that is really into photography suggested the Nikon D60 or the Canon...
  7. XeroState

    My 2004 Saturn ION Redline

    Well this is my car. I bought it brand new back in Feb. 05 and have made some modifications to it as money has become available [although that process has been put on hold since I'll require funds in my bank for when I go back to school and have no job]. Things I have done include: *Antenna...