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  1. Posmo

    Ownership Verified: My 44 -year old antique ['70 Cortina "GT"]

    I've always wanted an older car. One of those older models that you just don't really see on the roads anymore. Back when I bought the iS (my first car), I couldn't really afford one, and didn't trust myself (rightfully so) to buy a full on project. And when I bought the E-max, I had even less...
  2. Posmo

    Spied: 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS Caught at Photo Shoot

    Source: Your opinions? I think it doesn't look good.. :(
  3. Posmo

    Failing spectacularly at a Corvette burnout.

    I thought long and hard whther I should post this in general automotive, or start a new thread for it, but after watching it again, I believe it's tragic enough to warrant it's own thread. So yeah, a guy attempts to do a burnout with a Z06, and actually does get a lot of smoke...
  4. Posmo

    Any other RWD purists out there?

    I've been getting a bit of flack on the forums for my view on front wheel drive cars. As some of you might know, I wouldn't accept a front wheel drive car even as a commuter box. I just feel that RWD does just about everything better, and allows you to do the most fun thing possible when driving...
  5. Posmo

    Mighty car mods Season 2!

    The MCM team just released this promo: only a few weeks to go till the new season starts! I personally loved the first one, and can't wait for the 2nd one! Discuss.:P
  6. Posmo

    Post good car videos!

    I know there is a "video offers" section on the forums, but that section contains only a few specific videos, and very few replies, also, a lot of people can't be bothered to start a new thread for every video they post. so I thought we could do with a thread like this. Mods feel free to remove...
  7. Posmo

    Network won't work after hibernation

    I bought a new keyboard about a week ago, and it has one of those stupid hibernation buttons, and I accidentally pressed it today. The computer shut down, and after rebooting, It says "network cable disconnected" when, infact it's very much been connected all the time. Now, I cant access the...
  8. Posmo

    Good "shoot em' up" films?

    After watching Rock'nRolla, and being disappointed about the lack of violence in it, I realized that I haven't seen a proper action flick in a long time.. What fairly recent movies would you recommend ro qunch my thirst for ridiculous action movies?
  9. Posmo

    Is this the worst idea ever?

    I went for a nice evening jog today, after walking past a house with my dream car & a guy smoking outside, I shouted "Nice car" The response was: "Want to buy it?" My reaction was::shock: The car in question was this: I apologize for the crap photos, but I only had my phone with me and...
  10. Posmo

    Posmo's Sierras or something?

    Yeah, just went and bought a 1986 Ford Sierra 2.0is with a limited slip diff and a manual box. The bodywork is in pretty good condition, apart from a small bit of accident damage (parking lot stuff) in the front right wing. Will post pictures later. I can tell you that it was DIRT cheap, and...
  11. Posmo

    Post beautiful things.

    Doesn't matter whether it's music, pictures or videos, just post things that you think deserve to be called beautiful. Please note that no heavy metal/rap/pop song could ever be beatiful, so leave those out. I'll kick off with some classical music that actually has a melody...
  12. Posmo

    Talk to strangers!

    Just found this service today from another forum, and I thought it was interesting and very nice. Basically you are connected to a complete stranger from anywhere in the world. There are a few /b/tards and asses about, but it's nice to have a conversation with someone from a...
  13. Posmo

    A certifiable lunatic spotted.

    What is the least likely car to spot in -1'c temperature, driving in the snow in Finland? How about a Lamborghini Gallardo spyder with.. wait for it.. Summer tires on. Sorry about the crappy images, only had my cellphone cam. Didn't expect to see anything like this , maybe 1% of all...
  14. Posmo

    Computer occasionally boots into a grey screen.

    The thread title pretty much expains the issue. Computer boots up okay until the Windows XP loading bar thing comes up, after which sometimes instead of giving the "welcome" screen, it just turns gray. Occasionally the gray screen has some colour "dots" (sort of like artifacts with an...
  15. Posmo

    How much can you learn from video games?

    I have played driving games for a few years now, on and off. I've never had a steering wheel controller, so I usually play with a joystick or a pad, on the pc and ps2 respectively. Ofcourse the driving in the games involved drifting, racing and all sorts of stuff. The thing is, that I took my...
  16. Posmo

    Which car should I buy?

    Alright, I turned 18 (Hello booze!!:D) today, and, being a car fanatic, Im going to buy a car, most likely at the beginning of next year. I'll have a license in 3 weeks-a month's time, which means i'll have a couple of months driving time under my belt before getting behind the wheel of my own...
  17. Posmo

    How to adjust the volume of a single speaker?

    Alright, im posting, basically, the same question I did about a week ago, but since that thread got no replies, this one will be simpler. SO the question is, how do I increase/decrease the volume of an individual speaker in a 5.1 setup. Im using logitech z-640, Windows XP and a Creative Sound...
  18. Posmo

    Lotigech Z-640 Problem!

    Alright, I bought a Logitech z-640 5.1 surround system from a friend a couple of years ago. At first it worked fine, all 5 speakers gave off an even, clear sound. After using them a couple of months on the family computer they were tucked away in a closet, gathering dust, mainly because the rear...