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    Possible controversial opinion - I liked SIARPC

    I know this is something many people will disagree with but I liked top gear having the star in. Reasonably priced car segments. Yes they didn't always work (and many went on too long) but they had a valuable place in the show. They broke up the show very well and provided a much needed change...
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    News uncut for episode 1 released

    Theres a 5 minute news uncut clip on the top gear website which gives some good fuel saving tips and the usual opinions on car style
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    Win a drive with the stig

    The top gear website is doing a competition to win a seat in a Santander two seater grand prix car at silverstone during the Grand Prix driven by the stig and all you have to do is register for the newsletter, theres some pretty good runner up prozes as well, for more details heres the website...
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    Batracer 2008 session competition

    Iv just started playing Batracer and thought it could be good if we create a private league amoung this great forum. For people who dont know Batracer is a racing management simulator where you get given a drive for one team and you get to set up the car and devise the strategy for qualifying...
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    Lewis Uncut

    The TG website has announced ut will show clips from their Lewis Hamilton interview which do not appear on the TV on their website like how they do the news uncut and that itll be up by wednesday