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  1. katwalk

    Ownership Verified: Katwalk's 2017 Abarth Fiat 500c

    (Is this picture sufficent for verification? :LOL:) So I mentioned in the general automotive thread the day the beetle became too broken to be considered a daily driver, here's her replacement. Yes in a move that will shock no one when faced with replacing the bug I went with... technically...
  2. katwalk

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Going by the Meme thread I think we have enough bronies to warrant a thread for this. Y U no post one yet guys? So, ponies. Discuss.
  3. katwalk

    Odd mouse request

    The state of my right hand right now has given me the dexterity of someone wearing thick winter gloves, in other words I have trouble with closing my hand properly and bending my fingers and using a pen. This means I can't really use my tablet anymore, but a mouse could be operated far less...
  4. katwalk

    Rumour Mill: Well that gets around the regulations The Switchblade Samson Motorworks More like a road legal plane then a flying motorcycle, and you build it yourself. How hard can it be? :lol:
  5. katwalk


    Since from the random thought thread it is apparent lots of you are also pokedorks and adults discussion of pokemon is rather hilarious lets have a thread. Also I sent a few of you Roms of the new games, and those are not entirely in english so a thread may be helpful. How are you guys doing...
  6. katwalk

    Mother christmas shopping

    My mom currently uses an 8 year old dell desktop and it's just so incredibly outdated I feel bad for her. She would really love a netbook. I have 300$ to spend on all of her gifts and I would like to buy her more than only the netbook. Chances are she'll have issues with the touchpad anyway so...
  7. katwalk

    So I inherited this...

    I am not sure what to do with all this space :? I don't really need doubles of all programs I have on my laptop and such so maybe games since it has decent specs. It however is an old computer and that means it is limited. It would apparently need hardware upgrades to even run vista, and it...
  8. katwalk

    No 56k: Crash!

    OH BOY what an exciting afternoon. My neighbor next door is not in the best health and passed out trying to get into his driveway and missed. He hit a telephone pole Then hit My other neighbor's parked 1990 civic, and then the other neighbors house. I am very sorry I could not take...
  9. katwalk

    99' Ford Contour

    So the car finally came today. It is blue and an automatic, so judging by Wikipidia it is not the SVT one. This makes me sad. Here are some pictures from the crappy camera I got from the condo. crappy camera will not fit car in picture well because the pictures are odd shaped. one clear...
  10. katwalk

    So my eternal HD just broke

    Any suggestions on file recovery? :cry: I think there must be SOMETHING still there because the recovery program that can't repair it still has the name I named it and not untitled. It apparently has an invalid node structure.
  11. katwalk

    Hmmm. The window seems to be dirty.

    I will have to clean that. "If you want to see a bad start to a day look out your side window" Mother says. LOL looks pretty lucky to me, how often does the tree break and fall slightly over your fence not damaging anything? It is a very considerate tree.
  12. katwalk

    Mother needs a new car

    I would like suggestions. Things I have suggested she does not want: New Beetle- she is "too old" despite my grandmother who I inherited it from apparently wasn't. Camaro (she had an old one)- she cares more about transporting chrismas trees than fun. So any fun sports car things are no. Some...
  13. katwalk

    Dear Apple, you suck. This was the best simple MP3 player ever and you made it annoying and complicated. Good job. Now you can't swap out the uncomfortable ear buds that have worse sound quality than ones because your stupid useless controls are on it. Then making it talk to you...
  14. katwalk

    Wireless Range Extenders

    So my internet connection upstairs is bad at best, it goes down to 100 bps occasionally, and NO I did not forget the k. So I call verizion up and they say we have to go buy a Wireless Range Extender. Of course they will not be providing one, so I have to find and pay for one myself. Google has...
  15. katwalk

    Kat's Peggy Beetle

    Oh yes. I am daring to make a thread for my beetle. If you are unfamilar with her, Peggy is a 2.0 liter automatic 2003 New Beetle convertible with racing stripes. Oh yes, I gave my New Beetle, which happens to be the single slowest model racing stripes. You have to admit, it is a car that...
  16. katwalk

    TALK ME OUT OF THIS RIGHT NOW|39%3A1|240%3A1318 *FLAIL* 900$ 900$ 900$ 900$ 900$ 900$ MUST HAAVVEEEEE:cry:
  17. katwalk

    classic car road?

    this model A lives about a block from this 1959 el camino Both of them run, I've seen the el camino pull out of the driveway and the model A keeps moving spots where it is parked. I'll try and get more pictures but they park a F150 in front of the driveway the el camino is in
  18. katwalk


    I just got a speeding ticket. Nice cop wrote it down as a seatbelt violation instead which only costs 25$ instead of the actual speeding ticket that would have been 150$ (42mph in a 25 zone D:) + $500 in insurance for 7 years. My fun is officially over :cry: At least I didn't get pulled over...
  19. katwalk

    How not to secure your car

  20. katwalk

    do you = your car?

    Weak and slow. The wiring is all wrong. Things go wrong all the time. Bad attitude. "Quirky" But at least looks cute. Oh yeah, that is me. I am totally a VW beetle. Does anyone else drive a car that highlights their personality (and faults) ?