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  1. MiXAL

    Ferrari Roma

    Looks nice, but it doesn't look like Ferrari - Looks better
  2. MiXAL

    Nikola and General Motors Form Strategic Partnership

    I heard that Nikola was in bed with Iveco too.
  3. MiXAL

    2020 F1 season thread

    Is that the right Ferrari red and not the Marlboro red they've been in for a quite long time now?
  4. MiXAL

    iPhone / iOS Thread

    I'm still waiting for "Who is calling" app - app that would tell me who is calling before answering. There just isn't one that would work like the ones on Android.
  5. MiXAL

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Philips PowerPro Bagless vacuum cleaner FC8760 from China. No more those EU ones that are only good for vacuuming curtains. I had test winning EU spec Electrolux before and it wasn't vacuum cleaner to my judgement...
  6. MiXAL

    Word association game

  7. MiXAL

    Word association game

  8. MiXAL

    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    Must be quite rare. Didn't know that there are LHD Kei-cars at all
  9. MiXAL

    Word association game

  10. MiXAL

    New DS9 (Citroen)

    My thoughts exactly. I like the interior. Some may may call it tacky but I really like it.
  11. MiXAL

    New DS9 (Citroen)

    Some good looking European, not so known car
  12. MiXAL

    Word association game

    Vegan hippie
  13. MiXAL

    Word association game

  14. MiXAL

    Word association game

  15. MiXAL

    Word association game

  16. MiXAL

    Vehicle Safety Testing

    They definately do damper test in Finland too. I've been caught on that my self
  17. MiXAL

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    That is no beauty, unlike those new collonials/Equuses that look quite nice
  18. MiXAL

    [04x01] December 13, 2019 - GT Special: Seamen

    Quite boring. Was expecting more. 6/10
  19. MiXAL

    Tesla Cybertruck

    So it wasn't a joke?
  20. MiXAL

    What's your mobile phone history?

    I started with Nokia 1611 in 1996 and went with different Nokia models until iPhone 4 came. Since then I've been with iPhone's. Next one could well be Nokia again while those pure Android versions seem quite nicely specced compared to price at least