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  1. No Boss

    My New Cockmobile

    Well, I guess it isn't a full-fledged Cockmobile as it isn't an M3, but instead it's the M3's slightly heavier, a little more mature, investment banker older brother. I present, my new E39 M5: Little history behind me and the car. I used to have a Volvo S60R (yo can see pics in my profile)...
  2. No Boss

    NBC to cut back on primetime hours

    I saw this today and thought it was very interesting. This maybe a significant reason as to why we haven't heard much from the Brass about TG-America.
  3. No Boss

    Vista's WMP not playing AVI videos

    I just got a new laptop, and it's my first real intimate look at Vista. I tried playing last nights TG because I just can't wait anymore.... BUt when Windows Media Player starts, it just plays the audio. Anyone able to help me?? I feel like I know how to fix it, but I've have an incredibly long...
  4. No Boss

    Going to the beach.... See you all in week!!11!

    Sorry I haven't been as active as I used to be, but work has been killing me. Which is why 15 friends and I decided we needed a vacation... Soooo I just thought I'd let you all see my R all ready for the road trip*. Front: Profile: My best friend Amanda adding her artistic flair: Time to...
  5. No Boss

    Rarely does one get the oppurtunity to RickRoll thousands , until now. I'm not a baseball fan, but I think this would be hilarious. Doesn't seem to be a contest either so submitting completely crap info works.
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    Holy Crap! I can't believe it... I GOT THE CAR!

    So I just got back from the bank to sign off on the loan for the car, and I got a call from my agent friend at the Manheim Auto auction..... WE WON THE CAR...
  7. No Boss

    Took a MazdaSpeed3 for a ride...

    I wrote about this in the "Random Thoughts" thread, but I thought more about it and maybe it deserves it's own thread. I know a lot of you know by now that I'm looking for a new car. I have my heart set on a Volvo S60R, but being as they are hard to come by in my area, I've started to consider...
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    Like most, I've been here a decent while and have seen a lot of different threads in this particular part of the boards, but have never seen one on religion. I searched and there are only a few threads regarding the topic. But I've noticed over time that a few people have dropped hints as to...
  9. No Boss

    Most expensive Toy car (HotWheels) ever...

    This thing SCREAMS Paris Hilton
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    How far would you be willing to go for a car?

    Just curious to see how far the rest of us obvious car enthusiasts would be willing to travel for the right car. I'm sure a bunch of you know about me and my quest for the right S60R, and I realised today I'm going to have to travel to get it. So there you have it, how far away would you be...
  11. No Boss

    All that talk about the Nanny-State... Well here comes Daddy. FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics $1 Billion Project to Include Images of Irises and Faces Erm.... not sure how I feel about this.:blink:
  12. No Boss

    Chasin' Down A Dream.

    I'm a frequenter to (and now their Volvo branch But the other day I was on and came across this story on the main page. It's about an R32 owner driving across the country... basically because he wanted to. He's the same age as me and reading this made me feel so...
  13. No Boss

    The Time is Nigh...

    Well my good friends, nobles, and countryman... The time for me has finally come. Over the next four weeks I'm going to be purchasing a new car. So like many people, I'm posting this looking for your well learned opinions and expertise on such a serious issue. As you are about to see, the line...
  14. No Boss

    Wikipedia Celebrates America's Anniversary. Founding Fathers, Patriots, Mr. T. Honored :lol: Roflbears. :lol:
  15. No Boss

    Best Photos of 2007

    Not sure if I should post this in Photography section or here, but figured it'd get noticed better here. Some of these are purely amazing. Do yourself a favour, take ten minutes, and look at these.,id,1705.html /edit: Just went through the rest of...
  16. No Boss

    TV in Britain

    Ok so here's the deal. Every time I force my girlfriend to watch Top Gear (it's boring to her, yeah I know!..... whatever, she's dumb.) she always asks "Why do all shows from the UK look like this?". I understand what she is saying. Sometimes when I watch BBC America the shows appear grainy or...
  17. No Boss

    Coolest Holiday Light Display EVAR.

    Ok it's not really a holiday lights display as much as it's some dude that constructed a Tesla Coil in his backyard..... THAT'S SO COOL! The amount of dangerous awesomeness is strong with this one.
  18. No Boss

    The coolest shots of the San Francisco Fleet Week of the whole....well, week. Some seriously cool shots (56k, make me a sammich): Imageshack shrunk down the pics on accident, but go to the page cause the full sized ones are AWESOME.
  19. No Boss

    OSAMA BIN LADEN FOUND!.... by Morgan Spurlock? Ok, ok, I know.... it's sort of a non-story since it's all just speculation. But I'm genuinely excited to see the final product of this movie/documentary and the media's response. Part of me finds it hard to...
  20. No Boss

    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone*....

    *....that's American. Just wanted to spread some love to all the American users and lurkers. This is singlehandedly my favourite holiday. My father and I just went and got two cases of winter sample beer, and we're cooking everything up now so the house smells amazing. To you and yours...