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    RIP Sir Bobby Robson

    The most succesfull England Manager since 1966 has died of cancer. Details Here.
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    My First Car: ?200 of Fiesta!

    Yes, here it is: 1.3 litres of engine, 72000 miles. 200 Monies :D More info after I pick it up on Saturday (assuming it survives the journey home). Thoughts, comments and insults welcome.
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    Happy Star Wars Day!

    'Why is it Star Wars day?' I hear you ask May the Fourth Be With You
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    Top Gear does Blue Peter (Hypothetically)

    I searched but didn't find a thread on this. So, from The Times: What if the Top Gear Three presented Blue Peter? If you'd like to know, click here. If you'd rather not know, don't click here. Thoughts, comments and insults welcome.
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    News: Ford don't want Government money

    Ford, unlike the others in the "Big Three" say they'll be breaking even in two years and don't want bailing out. If you'd like to read the article, click here. If you don't want to read the article, don't click here.
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    Ronaldo crashes his Ferrari

    I think this is the best place to post this. Yes, the footballer has completely stuffed his Ferrari But the highlight of the article is the driver who was behind him:
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    Clarkson: Clarkson on Moyles 4/12/08

    In case anyone's interested, Clarkson's on the Chris Moyles show (That's on Radio 1) next Thursday. He's there to pimp 'Thriller' but he's usually entertaining on Moyles. Just in case you're interested. Oh, by the by, Moyles is on from 630 to 1000. If you're of a foreign disposition, you...
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    Finally! The Flying Car is here.

    I think this is the right place to put this. If not, feel free to shunt it. Yes, the thread title's correct; The Jetsons have, at long last, been proved truthful. I give you The Flying Car That Works! Thoughts, comments and insults welcome.
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    'Secrets of the Stig'

    The Times online have gone all Top Gear. There's a few articles on their Driving Page, the most interesting one is the Secrets of The Stig. It doesn't tell us much we didn't know, but it is written by TG's script editor and made me laugh :)
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    I know it sounds unlikely that Top Gear would go to Cambodia to do any filming, but Clarkson has been. As some of you may know, Clarkson writes for The Sunday Times. He's been away for the last couple of weeks, but last Sunday he returned and in his column talked about Cambodia. As if he'd been...