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    Yuji Ide and GT4

    Hey guys! Remember Yuji Ide? I found on youtube a video, he and his mates of the SuperGT playing GT4. Yuji Ide a Go go go!
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    Which driver you dislike or hate!

    Which driver you dislike or hate! Thanks Devon for your suggestion. You can pick or vote more than one! If you think this poll making have got to be stop, please feel free to express yourself and i will stop creating poll again. I will stop if at least 10 people said so. So HondaF1 and...
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    Interesting read

    Hey guys, i found this on :| A HACK LOOKS BACK Malaysian GP APRIL 2, 2007 BY MIKE DOODSON This year's Malaysian GP will be the ninth in the series, though not, we are told, the last. Nevertheless, with their necks exposed to the hot breath of would-be F1 promoters in...
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    Which driver you like and support?

    Which driver you like and support? You can vote more than one driver.
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    Which team you like and support?

    Which team you like and support?
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    Who is the funny driver in Formula 1?

    Who is the funny driver in Formula 1?
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    Who is the best Formula 1 driver in history?

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    Question about the Nintendo Wii

    Hi guys, i was wondering what are your opinions on the Nintendo Wii? Would you buy one? or the Xbox 360 or the PS3? I need your opinion, the good and the bad.
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    Question about increasing F1 overtaking?

    I read somewhere that F1 should use reverse grid in order to increase overtaking. Would you guys agree on this? Do you also think the one tyre supplier and limiting engine rev work? What is your suggestion to making F1 more watchable or popular?
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    2007 Malaysians GP

    Test. :P
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    Formula 1 Driver Fitness

    Hi guys, i was wondering how fit an F1 driver is and what do they do to keep that fitness, probably what exercise tools that they use also, i have use the search button on this forum and found nothing, so i hope i did not start a thread that already exist. By the way, how many of you guys watch...
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    Question about Jet engine on bicycle?

    Do you guys know any books or website that teaches you to make a small jet engine and put it on a bicycle?
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    Question what do people look for in a car?

    Hi, i have a question, let's just say you have all the money in the world, and you can buy any car in the world, forget about lambo and all those exotic supercars. What do you look for in a car? Boot size? Enough space for the people sitting at the back? Power?
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    Question about Drifting?

    Do you guys know how to drift? I actually wanted to drift after watching Initial D but then i don't want to after watching the Drift Bible. It looks hard and would took lot of hard work. Do you guys like drifting or think it is just a fad? I mean there is a thread on D1 in this forum right?
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    Sequential manual gearbox products

    It is possible to convert a normal h gearbox found in a normal rwd car into a Sequential manual gearbox?
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    F1 Sequential gearshift

    Do the F1 drivers have to ease of the throttle when upshift? When I see the races on tv with the tv dashboard on the left side, they show the green for throttle and when they upshift, the green light did not disappear. Do they just press on the throttle when they upshift?
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    Do the TG presenter heel and toe?

    When they drive the car that they show, do they heel and toe to downshift? Do they? or do they just drive normally? Do you guys heel and toe when downshift?