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    Best seats in a F1 race?

    Will be attending my first live F1 race in September in Singapore. Extremely excited since its the first night race and is a street race. However, I was going through the ticketing system, and was wondering which tickets to go for. I figured the grandstand, but they are quite expensive (then...
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    AAhhh, Jacked by the September Magazine Issue of Top Gear

    I bought the North Pole magazine, but no DVD :( Anyway, doesn't really matter
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    DVD/CD *Catalog* program cd bank cataloguer been using it for a bit, really good
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    Vuk is gonna be gone! :(

    400mb? 400mb? this topic was bought up earlier, but nothing happened of it apparently, but why aren't all rips done to around 400-430mb (to burn onto a dvd)? 10x350 leaves space for more, and 700x10 is too much. and i think the number of people who burn all the eps to a dvd are greater than...
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    219 km/h on a wheel !!!

    hadn't heard of ghostrider before, so after a google: unfortunately they dont have a cam on his bike. whats the story behind ghostrider anyway?
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    canadian gp itv coverage intro

    Overheat: i paid more attention this time around. right after they talk about schumachers crash right? that means pedro de la rosa at the nurburgring. not canadian. anyhow, thanks
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    canadian gp itv coverage intro

    i got the lol rip of the race and in the itv intro they show a few random clips in the first few minutes, im guessing from previous canadian gps. around 1:27 into the coverage they show a crash of sorts with one car flipping in the air and running into two others. however vague that sounds...
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    [06x03] June 12th, 2005

    when jc is talking to dr who, they talk about him getting his license in jan 04, and how he's had it for 14months. the show was taped back in february? wouldn't it be cool if someone from the forum, quite a few live in the uk i guess, wore a shirt with on it and stood somewhere...
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    [05x09] December 26th, 2004

    this isn't mentioned in the initial list but, 33:20 - dandy warhols - get off when he's driving the accent. same song is also featured in the 7th or 8th ep of the season.
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    Driving in your country

    in India: get a license pretty much any time, there are guys hanging around the rto asking if you want a license. Give them a hundred bucks and you have a license which says your 18. If not that way, then at 18(or maybe its 16) you get a learners. Go back one month later, give a small road...