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  1. eddysdaman

    Are you VXR enough? Maybe you're just OPC...

    I don't know what I'm referring to in the title but I figured I might as well just post the wheels that have been putting a smile on my face since mid-February. For those who are ignorant (like the Victorian Police thank jeebus) it's just an Astra. For those who aren't, its a turbocharged hot...
  2. eddysdaman

    News: Commodore for the US - Camaro for AUS
  3. eddysdaman

    Next Car Advice: Help.

    Here's the down low. I've been trying to sell my current car for about a month now with little luck, and as such have been going out and trying as many cars as possible. However, as is usually the case, dealers won't just let you try a car until you practically put money down on it, and most of...
  4. eddysdaman

    Aussie Airing: Fifth Gear On Channel 7 Two (72)
  5. eddysdaman

    Raid Experts: Lend me your ears.

    Scenario. I haz computer. OS - Win Xp Pro M/B - Asus P5n32 Sli Premium HDs - 1 x 320 Barracuda (current hd & os) - 2 x new 750gb WD Greens (I wants Raid 1) (Aka Mirror) Ok, so from what I've gathered over my years in IT is there are 2 types of raiding. Software (through the OS) and...
  6. eddysdaman

    Melbourne Meetup MkIII - Register Your Interest

    OK - so first off - if I see link-back things at the bottom of this page we re-do everything. This time around consensus says that it is FinalGear only members (with maybe the exceptions of partners/select people who have previously come to an event). This thread is just to get an idea on who...
  7. eddysdaman

    Aussies: Need a flash drive? That is dirt. cheap. It's technically a refurb, but it has a 12 month warranty and these things are practically...
  8. eddysdaman

    Pontiac G8 ST (Holden Ute) Export is no more! My bad if its a repost.
  9. eddysdaman

    Windows Live: Mesh

    What is it? In lamence terms, it allows you to synch your devices to each other. Be it your work pc, home pc, laptop, mobile etc. As long as their all running you can access them via remote 'live' desktop add shared folders and use online storage...
  10. eddysdaman

    How Hard Can It Be? I Just Bought A 75

    Alfa Romeo 75 ... Almost identical to the one Clarkson bought in 11x03... His cost 450 pounds ... mine $811AU .... hence, MINE WAS CHEAPER :P Well, actually, It's 1/5th mine. As its now...
  11. eddysdaman

    Ford FPV FG Falcon Reveal

    Went to the (invite only :P) FPV Club FG Falcon reveal today at the FPV assembly plant in Cambelfield, Melbourne - got to sit in cars, take photos and have a mini tour of the plant including the FPR V8 Racing Team Workshop. Weather was reasonable as it has been of late but thought I might share...
  12. eddysdaman

    April Fools!!

    Now lets all celebrate by looking into the future
  13. eddysdaman

    SCOOP: Hummer's Drasticly Lighter H1 A completely motionless Styrofoam replica of a Hummer.... and its still not good for the environment.
  14. eddysdaman

    Big Ass Request

    I would be forever grateful if someone has a collection of pretty much all the car manufacturers badges/emblems/logos. I need them for a little project, and to be honest, I'm killing myself over finding individual nicely sized ones on Google images. Is there a website people know of perhaps...
  15. eddysdaman

    Sony Ericsson K850i - Consumer Review

    Ok I'm bored and loving my new phone. So, what to do? Write a review! Not really a review ... more of a summary, but since I was surprised many of you were carrying Sony Ericsson handets, I thought some of you might like to know they're keeping up with their 'A' game. So, whats the big...
  16. eddysdaman

    New Tank (Invisible) ala James Bond

    Hmmmm ... we're all doomed
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    Help me choose a phone!!

    So I've currently got a SE K750i which I've loved to death for about 2 1/2 years now but its time to upgrade. So far I've narrowed my choice to two phones, one not quite yet released but is the grandson of my own phone. I realised Camera phones won't ever match the quality of a camera, but...
  18. eddysdaman

    2001 Lancer Coupe` - Gotta love rice.

    What can I say about my precious? I call her betty ... dunno why but yh... Anywho, she's a Mitsubishi Lancer (Mirage in US) Gli Coupe` 1.5L (1498cc) 4 cyl NA engine with 79kw or about 100hp. 5 speed manual. No engine modifications, it'll stay that way for resale reasons. I've put a 4 1/2...
  19. eddysdaman

    How To Set A Ford Taurus On Fire With Your Cell Phone Charger

    Taurus owners rejoice! There's an easy way to kill your car!
  20. eddysdaman

    Ford Australia competes the Holden VE with ....

    Rubbish Utter rubbish if you ask me, it looks like the AU series which is now about 10 years old. And the fact is that they've kept a lot of aspects of the current series. They haven't remodeled a new line, it just looks like they've done a copy/paste job. That - or some bad photoshopping...