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  1. DaBoom

    Ringmeet 2020 - Too hot to handle CarOwner streaming event

    Starting the thread just to get my stupid title in. :P At some point I will be home long enough to write something and add moar pictures (the little I have). Meanwhile, few teasers. Dam it, Joe Daily streaming service Shady evening activities Quattro with a horn
  2. DaBoom

    Austria starts to fine bikes that exceed 95dB on certain Tyrol roads

    Well isn't this fun. Includes one of my favourite passes as well, that most of Swisstaly group got to visit. And makes for quite a detour when heading to Ringmeet from further south. And as they mention there, quite a few bikes on sale now exceed that as stock...
  3. DaBoom

    Motorcycle videos/clips

    Seems about right.. :mrgreen:
  4. DaBoom

    Icetrack Meet 2020 - Breaking old Rekords

    Once again, some track action was going on at Pudasjärvi airfield. And despite having many things up in the air up to last minute (as usual), for once I managed to document some of weekends activities. I'll start from Wednesday, where some German & Slovenian invasion forces were expected to...
  5. DaBoom

    Icetrack meet 23.-27.1.2020, Airfield 3, Airfield Harder!

    Apologies for rather late thread for the annual Icetrackmeet. As title might suggest, we're heading for Pudasjärvi again. And as far as track reservations go, we got the airfield for Saturday and Sunday again. But despite this there should be more on offer compared to last year. The tentative...
  6. DaBoom

    Swisstaly mini-Roadtrip 2019, attempt number two

    As the longer trip isn't really looking like a biking trip for me, I decided to look towards the countries I know to provide a great ride (again). Since I ended up passengering two years ago, having a second go with Switzerland and Italy sounded good in my head. :mrgreen: This plan has already...
  7. DaBoom

    Icetrack meet 17.-21.1.2019, (air)field of ice

    Oh hello. I'll add basic details here as well, even when most planning, booking and attendance has already been done in various IM groups. But to recap, we are having the same plan as last year; Cabin booked in Pudasjärvi from Thursday to Monday, 17.-21.1. at an airfield we also have for...
  8. DaBoom

    Touristenfahrten too busy for you? Come to track day instead!

    After a break last year, autumn track day is back on. Initially the date is set at 13.10. Nothing has been booked yet, but unless there are some heavy arguments against it, I doubt it'll change. It's also the 10th anniversary for Finnish gear meets, which started in autumn at the same track. :)...
  9. DaBoom

    Icetrack meets thread guide

    Since these meets have been happening in notable size for a while now, I thought a thread guide similar to the one we have for Ringmeets and roadtrips might be in order. And as I found out browsing through these, most threads are still in quite good order, as far as picture links etc go. :)...
  10. DaBoom

    Icetrack meet 2018, Laughing all the way to the snowbank

    And so the collective effort to provide documentation of all carnage begins. :D Surprisingly as the organizer I didn't have much time for pictures, but at least I got some droning footage from the first day (forgot the controller to the cabin on second day). :cry::bangin: But anyway, since we...
  11. DaBoom

    Icetrack meet 2018. Time to ditch Lapland

    Trying to start off early for people planning on flying to the meet. The idea about going to Lapland for a winter meet has been in the talks for years and looks like this is the year when there's enough interest to endure the rather tedious transfer towards the lovely northern wilderness. Plans...
  12. DaBoom

    Car chases from older movies

    From Awesome thread; These could do with a thread of their own. And while there is an older thread of the same theme, video links there don't work anymore and I'd like to limit this to the chases that were aiming for "real life action". :) Apart from the well known classics, this is one of my...
  13. DaBoom

    Icetrack meet 2017

    More meets. :mrgreen: Unlike Alpine meet though, this is still in planning phase. No set time or location, so quickest get to have a say in that. So vote in please. And I'm also open to ideas on where to go.
  14. DaBoom

    Alpine meet 2017

    Time to consider some skiing/snowboarding again. :D Planning has been going on in the background, so this time there's just a ready plan to announce, if you have a possibility to take part. :) Just like last year, there is a weekend for those who don't have time for a longer trip and I'll...
  15. DaBoom

    Icetrack(less) meet 2016 13.-14.2.2016

    I'll start the ball rolling again, hopefully we get a winter this year. :) I have mentioned some tentative ideas and dates in our whatsapp group at least, but with Alpine meet plans going like they are, that leaves the weekend on the title if I'm going to make it to the meet. There have been...
  16. DaBoom

    Ownership Verified: i3 for a BMW guy (-07 Benelli TreK)

    So yeah, more purchases for this fall. Things didn't go exactly as I originally planned.. :mrgreen: I was actually thinking of doing this years Finalgear roadtrip with a bike, but since I had promised to provide passenger seats I took a car. After some more riding with loaner bikes this summer...
  17. DaBoom

    Ownership Verified: A Suomi-spec Corolla

    Time has come for me to stop playing with silly BMWs and join the grey masses. So I got myself a sensible 1.3 Corolla to get me through the winter. Since Polkky started the winterbeater ball rolling, I guess I'll add mine here as well. As in their case, this was sort of joint venture, as we...
  18. DaBoom

    Alpine Meet 2016

    So, ringmeet done, neeeext. :cool: Second attempt at the Finalgear skiing trip. 3 people made it last year, so let's try to improve from that. No set plans yet, but as Beni has family in the Dolomites area we thought to suggest the Dolomiti superski area for this years destination. Beni can...
  19. DaBoom

    We've lost a Finn. R.I.P. Thujalvi/Jussi Kontusalmi

    As people who've met me know, I'm not really a man of many words. But as I'm rather active at making Finnish FG meets happen, I have contact info for most people that have attended meets. Well, today while at work I got a call from his mother, informing me that Jussi, or probably better known...
  20. DaBoom

    Parts sourcing help

    So, after buying a GTi engine for the roadtrip Swift and discovering it was lacking a wire loom I've been looking for one. I know we have at least few forum members doing scrapyard runs every now and then, so I would request help to find either wire loom for 89-91 Swift GTi (or Geo...