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  1. Adunaphel

    Frenching Intensifies - 2018 Renault Clio

    What do you do when you really like your current car, but the warranty, free services, tyres, brakes and most importantly, your windscreen wipers are all running out... You buy a newer version of it, of course! Mindless consumerism at its best. And of course, there has to be an upgrade of some...
  2. Adunaphel

    Ringmeet 2018, because we're not finnished with this.

    As mentioned in the Ultimate Ringmeet thread, looking at the , there is basically only one possibility for Ringmeet 2018, which is the weekend of August 10-12, when the Oldtimer Grand Prix RingMeet 2018: Aug 9-13 Location, as always: Camping Viktoria Station in Kreuzberg. Hotelfaggery...
  3. Adunaphel

    Finalgear Ringmeet 2017: Holyshit, has it been ten years already?

    Yes, you read it right, our first Ringmeet was in 2007, a small group of internetweirdos went to the ring, because a weird guy from Finland was doing a European vacation in his Porsche and wanted to visit the N?rburgring with it. Much awkwardness was had ("does that sign say ANALGEAR?"), Sabine...
  4. Adunaphel

    Ownership Verified: I've jumped the shark(nose)! 1986 BMW 735i

    Well, here it is. Yes Eye-Q, you got it correct. It's a 735i, in E23 guise. Built in April 1985, but it was only registered in October 1986. The car has seen better days, three doors are rusty, one of which has a fist-sized hole in it. I will receive a replacement door in the wrong colour for...
  5. Adunaphel

    Ringmeet 2016, August 11-14

    Right. I was going to make this topic too, I guess. In 2016, there will be another Ringmeet! (woohoo!) Like last year, the Ringmeet will be held in the same weekend as the Oldtimer Grand Prix event at the N?rburgring, so keep the following dates free, because awesome things are afoot! Thu...
  6. Adunaphel

    Ringmeet 2016 pre-planning thread

    In the roadtrip thread people are talking about dates, and I think this is better done in its own topic, so non roadtrip people are aware o the discussion too. Ill start off then. Kids' summer holidays start REALLY late next year, on July 23. I could do a ringmeet while the girls are still in...
  7. Adunaphel

    Sharknosefest minimeet

    On May 30th,the sharknosefest will be held in Barneveld, the Netherlands. DaBoom and I intend to attend there. Due to it being the E21's 40th birthday, there's bound to be lots of gorgeous classic 3ers, and lots of other BMWs from the sharknose era.
  8. Adunaphel

    Ownership Verified: Mehr Freudige Fahrten! (E46 330d)

    With the E36 thoroughly defeated by the brown curse, I needed a new daily driver. As always, my search started as broad as possible, but within a couple hours it had narrowed down to either an E46 or an E39 with a straight six diesel engine. Due to availability, this quickly turned into a 330d...
  9. Adunaphel

    Ringmeet MMXV August 7th-9th 2015: Planning thread

    Well, the previous poll gave us 3 weekends with a clear preference over the rest. So these three dates will go on to THE SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS ROUND TWOTWOTWOTWOTWO The setup is slightly different this time, you can vote for your favourite weekend, and the winner takes all! You...
  10. Adunaphel

    FinalGear Ringmeet 2014: Drunk Tents & More! Aug 14-18

    Yes, it's almost that time of year again. Ringmeet time! This year, the ringmeet will coincide with the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters at the N?rburgring. Tourist drives schedule for the OGP was shorter than past years, and we wanted a change of scenery. The DTM weekend fit both bills, with more...
  11. Adunaphel

    Ownership Verified: My wife's new shopping trolley (2014 Clio)

    Well, it's been a long time in the making (we inked the contract on Oct 28 last year), but today we finally took delivery of my wife's new car, a brand spanking new Renault Clio Tce 90 Expression in smurf blue (actually, Bleu de France), with chrome accents and silver accents in the interior...
  12. Adunaphel

    FinalGear Ringmeet 2013: 9-11 August

    Well, since the pre-ringmeet roadtrip dates have been published by Adrian, the Ringmeet dates weren't hard to figure out. This year, we're back in the Oldtimer GP weekend due to a few reasons. Of these reasons, the most prominent one is that due the ownership shift at the ring and a lot of...
  13. Adunaphel

    Samsung Galaxy S3 remote data-wipe vulnerability Article says it all basically. A simple bit of javascript code will irrecoverably wipe a Galaxy S3 handset when the page is loaded. Apparently it is based upon using javascript to let the dialer enter a...
  14. Adunaphel

    Ownership Verified: Mein Freude am Fahren (E36 328i Touring)

    As most of you know by now, due to changes in my work situation, I no longer needed the diesel. After long deliberation and a lot of googling, I decided I wanted an E36 BMW 328i. I happened upon this one, advertised for ?2500, 1996, 300000km, expired MOT, loads of toys (photos from ad). Managed...
  15. Adunaphel

    Wu Tang Name Generator, what's yours? What's yours?
  16. Adunaphel

    Brake pads

    My C will need fresh (front) brake pads soon, and since the stock brakes have a habit of overheating as soon as I push them a teensy bit, I'm looking into recommendation for better pads than stock. My main requirement is that they last a while (I drive 50,000 km annually, at least), don't kill...
  17. Adunaphel

    Spa Classic (25-27/05) Meetup?

    Betweent he 25th and 27th of May, a lot of cool cars move to the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack (Group C racers, old F1 & F2 cars, 60s endurance racers) for a couple epic races. Since I'd give my left kidney to see Group C cars in action again, I thought I'd pay the event a visist, and it might be...
  18. Adunaphel

    No 56k: Yet another roadster, GERMAN STYLE, ja!

    There's too many Japanese roadsters of a single type here on these forums, so I needed to take action, GERMAN STYLE. Meet my dad's and mine new weekend toy. It's a 1980 280SL roadster. She's (this one's definitely female) a perfect cruiser. Straight six, manual gearbox (only 4 speeds though...
  19. Adunaphel

    Another please photoshop my car thread

    So, lately I've been thinking about de-chroming my car and replacing all the chrome in the chille with black anodized chrome (so it's still nice and glossy, just black). Of course, I lack the skills to pull that off in photoshop to see what it may look like. Also I've been thinking of lowering...
  20. Adunaphel

    Spacer shims. How bad are they?

    So, I'm looking at new summer wheels for my Merc. I found a nice set 7Jx16 of Golf wheels, problem is they're ET45 where I need ET37 or ET31. So I though I'd use 8mm spacers to fix the ET. Problem is that I heard a lot of horror stories of people's cousin's neighbor's dog trimmer's grandma (no...