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  1. phuckingduck

    Random Thoughts....

    Hah! Bit of a drive by on my part. But was glad to see familiar names around here.
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    Random Thoughts....

  3. phuckingduck

    Random Thoughts....

    Here, just slowly coming back ;)
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    Random Thoughts....

    I'm not sure why I stopped checking this forum. I feel like I should come back. Lets see :)
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    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    Haven't been around in a while but do check in from time to time. I'm sad to see that this has occurred. Viper, though, deserves hearty praise! His hard work, and that of a few others, has built one of my favorite online communities. Viper turned me on to top gear so many years ago (SiN) and I'm...
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    Lens Flair

    Eh. Still working on it but figured I'd say hi.
  7. phuckingduck

    SpeedTV loses its speed coverage of F1 for 2013

    Bah, my google-fu may be strong but I wanted to be the lazy sod who asked just once! Off to google!
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    SpeedTV loses its speed coverage of F1 for 2013

    Anyone wanna be a champ and PM me with some details on where to find F1 online? I refuse to get cable at its current price but I don't want to be without F1 :( (waits for mods)
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    Random Thoughts... [Photographic Edition]

    Taking suggestions for places in WA state to photograph over the next week...
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    Random Thoughts....

    Or commuters.
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    Whale wars: Watch Eco-pussies attack japanese whalers, and fail hilariously

    Agreed. Why the switch in cinematography for the second half of episode 8? Much prettier and made it more interesting to watch.
  12. phuckingduck

    Random Thoughts....

    Fucking shit. Thanks to the last 3 assholes to pack on to the bus. Fuck is wrong with people? I literally can't move my arms - left is stuck at my side and right is thankfully holding my phone in front. Was getting home a few minutes early worth sacrificing our collective comfort...
  13. phuckingduck

    [18x06] March 4th, 2012

    Loved it! Favorite episode in a long time :)
  14. phuckingduck

    "Act of Valor" - A motion picture featuring active navy SEALS!

    Once baby sat for a SEAL platoon. No joke, last night in town and they wanted some adult time with the wives. If you've ever baby sat you know the fear of harm coming to the child - now imagine sitting for a whole platoon. Tons o fun. Look forward to this movie, should be interesting.
  15. phuckingduck

    Plan Viper Part 2: Wait longer or pull the trigger?

    :O Grats Viper! Btw, best thread ever for reading while commuting via bus. Motivation!!
  16. phuckingduck

    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    This was a pretty disappointing episode and it was for a poignant reason. Just yesterday I read an interview with Hammond in C&D. Watching this episode has inspired me to quote that interview - through this quote I hope to illuminate my disappointment. Ugh.
  17. phuckingduck

    Iran Claims US Stealth Drone downed (NATO Confirms)

    I was thinking more of the irony. Come folks, admire our fresh imperialist drone - on our basketball court. Pay no mind that basketball is an American sport. It's like serving falafel at your "i hate Persians" press conference.
  18. phuckingduck

    Iran Claims US Stealth Drone downed (NATO Confirms)

    Are they displaying that thing on a basketball court?
  19. phuckingduck

    NFL '11 Regular Season Thread

    Tebow is something else in the 4th qtr. poor barber...