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    Absolutely. Just floor at about an angle of 70-80 degrees from your original position. Even the 330xi should slide a bit before the front end catches it.
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    Can you damage your gearbox by..

    It shouldn't be a problem if you wait for the revs to go down to match the 5th gear at the speed you're going. In the worst case, you will just wear a bit the clutch.
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    Automotive sociolgy: characteristics based on country of origin

    About 5.6 million people a year a year, without counting all the Nissans and Infinitis if we go along your logic (3.6 million).
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    Spied:2009 Porsche 911 Carrera S

    I wonder why they didn't keep the taillight design of the 996 Carrera 4S, I thought they would use it on all their 911 product line as it looks quite cool.
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    Super Charger Vs Turbo Charger

    I was wondering 2 things about hybrid chargers: - electrically/mechanically assisted turbos with a clutch system that disables when boost is sufficient (to lower the boost threshold and to pre-spool the turbine) - a compressor which would be driven by both the engine's crank and the exhaust's...
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    First Trial of a Commissioned Officer Who Refused to Deploy to Iraq

    Does that mean he refused those requests or that it's a lie?
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    Super Charger Vs Turbo Charger

    Turbos with variable nozzles/vanes
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    "Make my day... better"

    If you hurt someone breaking into your house/car in France, he's gonna attack you at the court and you're likely to have a stronger sentence than him. Better: if a thief drown into your swimming pool (which doesn't have a surrounding fence, legally mandatory), you can be sued into court.
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    Sports coup?s: Jaguar XKR, Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche 911S or BMW M6?

    The 6-serie is a GT, but the M6 is a sport coupe, as well as the M5 is a sport sedan.
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    Ford sells Aston Martin...?

    BMW, therefore they would a proper designer for their own cars. BTW if Audi buys it, VW too.
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    "Make my day... better"

    Isn't it like in Louisiana where you can kill (not shoot at, kill!!!) thieves in your home or stealing your car.
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    What route should I go with my S2000?

    Right, I haven't been into tuning since I live in Florida (it could work well from last friday to today, and maybe few days last november and... that's it) :D Sorry, I just love so much high-revving NA engines... And in that direction any weight gain is important, but a diet would probably...
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    Where is Top Gear Dog?

    The dog was good for testing the trunk of 3/5 doors cars.
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    My 1989 Supra Twin Turbo!

    Wonderful car!
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    LOOK AT ME!!! I'm an Attention Whore. (52K DIAF.)

    Could you be more... explicit?
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    Police slash "tent city" in St. Petersburg, FL

    She probably won't need to go to a court. Just ticket + tow.
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    What route should I go with my S2000?

    I'd go for a cold air intake, exhaust, semi-slicks and a shorter final drive. Maybe a CF hood and remove the AC. Is it possible to remove the VTEC and put a racing camshaft + ECU remap? BTW which roads are you driving in Brevard to need such handling (x-brace, sway bars)?
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    Congratulations, you just joined the Mafia!

    In latin Europe I'd have a black BMW E38 750i or a black BMW E31 850 CSi. In Miami or LA I'd have the upcoming Mercedes-Benz W221 S65 AMG in white, or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S in white too. In Russia a Mercedes-Benz W463 G55 AMG in silver. In UK a black Phantom ;) epp_b
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    LOOK AT ME!!! I'm an Attention Whore. (52K DIAF.)

    Maybe I missed something, but it wasn't very funny for me. Maybe I'm too much used to have a president calling a computer's mouse ("souris" in French) a field mouse ("mulot" in French).
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    Sports coup?s: Jaguar XKR, Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche 911S or BMW M6?

    That's the point of BMWs. I really liked the E36 M3 and E34 M5 for this. I remember when I was about 12 in the back of my father's friend unbadged M5 Touring, a 911 came aside to tease him. You should have seen the face of the 911's driver being outaccelerated at highway speeds.