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  1. Raider

    That helmet that was done for Hammond... got a question...

    Can someone help me on how much that paint job was? Looking to get a helmet painted and wanting to know what i should expect :) how's the old crew doing, it's been a while :cool:
  2. Raider

    Where to get WRC video's now?

    Since "the fish" apparently was having server issues on friday, now it's just down all together... any other places to get WRC torrents?
  3. Raider

    So I learned something new today v.DragonBreath [pic+vid]

    I'm always up for learning something I figured i'd learn how to breath 2 day class. Day 1 was fire safety, fuel's, and lots of learning how to spit water... day 2 was actaully spitting out fuel and well...big fireballs...flames and the such... wonder if i can pick up chicks...
  4. Raider

    Blew up my a GTI VR6

    quick story... Thursday my engine started to over heat as i was pulling into my apartment... Friday at lunch dropped my car off at the shop so they could see what's up...head gasket cracked...pick up the car, drive home, get 3 miles from my apartment and *BOOM* and i pulled over and...
  5. Raider

    So I'm in Japan...

    and i've seen supra's and Rx7's....where are all the gawd damn skylines... :cry: they have a ton of little dinky cars that looks awesome...tons of honda's and toyotas i've never see before, even during my trips to europe... and yes, i'm taking pictures... :thumbsup:
  6. Raider

    Test drove the new GTI...

    the mkiv GTI is like a piece of shit car compared to the new GTI... 0-60 in about 6 seconds, 80 not much long after, 120 in about 3-4 seconds after that... that DSG gearbox is mind know when you drive a car hard when you shift the car jerks...yeah, not in this car, i was pushing...
  7. Raider

    So I got tickets for the US MotoGP...

    Reserved seating for turn 11 :D i tried getting paddock passes, but they were sold out, and are going for $400 on ebay last time i checked...and honestly...$400 is a wee bit too much for me to say i walked the pit... if i can find them for cheaper as we get closer to the date, i might...
  8. Raider

    Where can I download WRC races? [SpeedTV not covering it]

    Right...So SpeedTV, the only station in the US that covered WRC is not covering it anymore (but hey have 3 hours of bobsledding to replace it....seriously wtf), so i'm shit out of luck and i don't know where to download them... is there someplaces that puts up the races? it starts next week...
  9. Raider

    so you think you can drive huh? [vid]

    holy crap man... you negotiate that... :shock:
  10. Raider

    Clarkson Returned his FordGT

    wasn't sure where this was supposed to be posted...General Topgear? Automotive? Off Topic? :oops:
  11. Raider

    I got a new toy...[StarWars]

    Well, i've had the ATAT walker for a couple years now, and i've been so wanting to get the R2 unit...but they quit making these things years ago...finally found one on ebay...woohoo!!!! totally forgot how much a pain in the ass these things are to put together... :thumbsup: Video of AT-AT...
  12. Raider

    The Transporter 2 Trailer can't wait for this one... :thumbsup:
  13. Raider

    So we got some new toys at work....

    So what better way to test them out than to have our marketing and sales staff have a field day of i got to drive a Dozer, tractor, escavator, and a motor grader (not pictured) let me tell you, i was the fastest person in the John Deere tractor, at the testing site, i hit 12th...
  14. Raider

    What has 8 wheels and costs $1.8 million USD?

    I'll give you a hint... story: i was bored at work, so i decided to call up the local ferrari/maserati dealership and see if i could come in and take some pictures...they said sure... anyways...they also have a 1 of a kind Ferrari F50 GT1 raced and signed by Shummi himself, it was out for...
  15. Raider

    Hello...My Name is...

    since we got a thread of continent, age, and picture, how about a first name? Guess I'll start... -Elmer and for the record, no, i'm not the girl in my avatar, so no more pm's okay? :P
  16. Raider

    They let me sit in it and turn it on....

    Anyways, long story short, it went from "sure, you can take pictures but just dont' touch it" to "you seem like a car guy, feel free and sit in it and start it up, just becareful, it was just detailed..." couple of notes: 1) when they said it's all carbon fiber, they really meant COMPLETELY out...
  17. Raider

    No Top Gear Airing Today

    now i hate to be the ass and all...but shouldn't it be "Women's Football (aka soccer)" since it's known as football/futebol everywhere else in the world... :oops:
  18. Raider

    No Top Gear Airing Today

    Well since it's the exact same letter, let's keep it all in the same topic but thanks for posting.
  19. Raider

    Brabus SLR [pics]

  20. Raider

    May and June are my favorite months of the year...

    8 F1 races within a 10 week period, and when it's not F1, it's WRC filling in the empty weekend...toss in MotoGP too... then we got TopGear starting up again... it's like christmas every weekend for 2 months's enough to make a grown man cry :cry: :cry: :cry: