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  1. tezgm99

    Cancer Sucks

    I'm not really good with things like this, and I hadn't logged into my account for ages, but thank you for everything this site became.
  2. tezgm99

    2017 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Button just tweeted asking why he has so many missed calls on his phone :lol:
  3. tezgm99

    IMSA 2017 Discussion

    Can't wait for the season to start :clap:
  4. tezgm99

    2016 USA Presidential Elections

    I think I'm going to be sick :sick:
  5. tezgm99

    Forza Horizon 3

    I need to put that in the's not on PC for Canada yet, they have no digital versions anywhere here :(
  6. tezgm99

    The Space Thread!

    So, after about 25 years of going "Space is cool, I should get a telescope one day", I may actually get around to doing it next week...there's a store between Calgary and Red Deer that have 8" Dobsonians that I've seen several reviews which say they're rather good :)
  7. tezgm99

    Playstation 4

    It's fine, my giant PS2 still works so I don't need the latest and greatest of a console type :lol:
  8. tezgm99

    Playstation 4

    Bit the bullet and got a PS4 the other weekend and wow is the controller cable short :lol:
  9. tezgm99

    Forza Horizon 3

    Excellent, thanks :)
  10. tezgm99

    Dirt Rally

    I can confirm that I should not be a rally driver :lol:
  11. tezgm99

    Forza Horizon 3

    Any clues to how one gets this to work on PC without having an XBox yet? :)
  12. tezgm99

    Forza Horizon 3

    I heard from someone that it will only run with windows 10, is that right?
  13. tezgm99

    Le Mans 24h 2016

    Loved the race, it was tense pretty much the whole way through :clap:
  14. tezgm99

    Baku, anyone?

    Qualifying was interesting, great to see Perez up there. As for Sunday...I gave up and watched the final hour and a bit of LeMans again instead :lol:
  15. tezgm99

    [23x03] June 12th, 2016

    You actually cited a reference, people don't like that these days :P
  16. tezgm99

    Dirt Rally

    I bit the bullet and got this game after watching videos online from others....happy with it indeed. Don't play it as often as I should, but certainly have fun when I do load it up :mrgreen:
  17. tezgm99

    Ford Fusion or Elantra GT?

    Yep, it is. I was in Abbotsford but moved to near Fernie a couple of years ago...I put Cranbrook as my location since it's the closest big city, lol Back to the topic; mine came with the 19" wheel options and I elected to drop down to 17's for my winters as the pricing for 19's were ridiculous.
  18. tezgm99

    Ford Fusion or Elantra GT?

    Too late to this party, but I bought a 2014 Fusion Titanium in December in Kimberley, BC; 25,000 km on the clock for a tick under $25k (ex-Enterprise rental). Traded in my 2005 Grand Am which paid for the winter tyres I then bought. It's been fine so far, no issues :)
  19. tezgm99

    2016 Monaco Grand Prix

    Yep, exactly what I did with this one too.
  20. tezgm99

    F1 Grand Prix de Belgique 2015

    A bit of drifting from Dan's twitter: