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  1. tezgm99

    Race tracks of the world to scale - print

    Not sure exactly where to post this since it's not a series, but it is motorsport I figured here would be ok. I did a search of the site for it and wasn't able to find anything, but I did only search for 'race tracks to scale' so apologies if someone has already linked to this...
  2. tezgm99

    2014/15 NHL Thread

    Since preseason has started I thought why not start this. Expectations? Surprises? Complete and utter dismal trades?
  3. tezgm99

    2011 Indycar thread

    Since I noticed we didn't have one... The Indy 500 was a great race. Have to feel for Hildebrand, he won't live that last corner down for a long time :( I'm expecting a similar thing to 2010 as far as the championship goes; Power to rule the road courses, Dario and Scott catching up with the...