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  1. Z102

    No 56k: Random Ferraris

    As we went to visit the classic car exhibition at the Dockyards, we came across a bunch of Ferraris heading for the Valencia Circuit, here are some pictures we managed to snap:
  2. Z102

    Classic Sports Cars at the Royal Dockyards (56K better come to Valencia to see it)

    I went to this exhibition last week, so here are a few pictures I took. Sorry for the crappy quality, but I'm not very good at photography, and my camera is not the best. The exhibition focuses on the evolution of the sports car, and starts in the first two decades of the 20th century, with...
  3. Z102

    Z102's own trip to Hell

    Hi all, I know that to you I am just this crazy Spaniard that one day appeared in the forum, with a stupid nickname, taken from a sports car that no one's ever heard about, built by a company that never produced another car, and instead turned its attention immediately to trucks and buses...
  4. Z102

    Geneva 2008: SEAT Bocanegra Concept (aka New Ibiza)

    Source Personally, I think it looks great, specially in comparison with the rest of the SEAT line-up. Let's hope the production model looks this good. More pics
  5. Z102

    Pics from Tuesday's F1 testing (56K keep away)

    Given that my new job is in Valencia city, and that Tuesday was a local holiday, my new colleagues and I decided to spend the day watching the F1 testing taking place in Cheste. Unfortunately, many people seemed to have the same idea, so the road to the circuit was completely jammed, which...
  6. Z102

    Alfa Romeo serious about US strategy

    Thought you Americans would like to know this: Source:
  7. Z102

    The Beetle could be back (this time for real)

    Apparently, VW is already working on a rear-engined spiritual successor of the Beetle: Rear engine, water cooling, no power steering... VW trying to go back to their roots? We'll have to wait and see, but I'm skeptical.
  8. Z102

    Owner of the only Fiesta ST in Portugal, reported to the Pope

    Strange uh? Not really, bearing in mind that the man in question is Father Antonio Rodrigues, a priest from a small parish in Portugal... Ridiculously funny :lol:
  9. Z102

    My new Fiesta 1.6 Sport

    Here it is. After all the paperwork is done, I have gone today and picked it up. I haven't had much time to drive it (round the corner of the dealer to put in some petrol, and then about 4 Km of careful driving back home), so I can't tell much in the way of driving experience, but it feels just...
  10. Z102

    Which of the latest Ferraris is the better looking?

    Since SL65AMG~V12~612BHP!!!!!!! and Carsightings opened a couple of Ferrari-oriented polls, I thought I'd try to settle this question once and for all. Which Ferrari do you think is the better looking? To me, and I'm afraid I'm quite alone in this, it's the 612 Scaglietti.