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  1. essentialatom

    My first track day - any advice?

    I got a new car in April - well, a 2003 Renault Clio, but to me it's new, it has possibly-functioning air conditioning - and for my birthday, my mate bought me a track day to take it to at Bedford Autodrome. I'm excited as anything, but having never been on a track day before, what sort of...
  2. essentialatom

    Rear left wheel all broken or something

    Hi, I haven't posted on Finalgear in quite some time, but I could use some help. My car is a 2001 Renault Megane 5-door. Driving on the motorway today, 30 miles from home the rear of my car began to judder up and down, increasing at speed. Long story short, I took it slow from then and once...
  3. essentialatom

    Old stereo to new stereo

    I want to replace the old cassette radio in my Renault Megane with a newer CD one I bought a few years ago. The problem is that the connectors don't match up. The car possesses these leads: And the new radio has this socket: Is there an adapter I can buy to use the new radio or will I have...
  4. essentialatom

    Britcar 2010

    Just a tentative thing, really. I'll be camping at Britcar this weekend (1st-3rd October) with a few friends. If any other Finalgear members are going too, it might be cool to meet? I dunno. Either way, I'll be the fat guy in a tent that bears the words Fort Awesome on a flag. Probably. :D
  5. essentialatom

    Can anybody identify this font?

    I downloaded this font and used it for a film I made, but I've since purged my fonts folder (because it was WAY too big) and forgotten to write down what the font was called. It's obviously some kind of typewriter font but I'm having no luck in finding it online. The glow is something I added...
  6. essentialatom

    Calling all those who dwell in Coventry - help a FG member out!

    This post is very late indeed and may well be futile, but nonetheless, I shall proceed. At the Golden Cross pub in Coventry city centre, commencing at about 6ish tonight, I'm going to be shooting a short film and I need as many people as possible to be extras for it. The film'll be about 7...
  7. essentialatom

    Desktop icon problem - AKA the lamest computer problem in the world

    I run a dual monitor setup on XP, with icons on both monitors. Normally when I download a file I do so to the desktop, and it shows up on the primary monitor. Today I replaced the primary monitor (for one of equal resolution) and now the files are added to the secondary monitor's list of desktop...
  8. essentialatom

    Your Opinion Is Worthless - Mike's Film Show

    You may recall that until recently I had a show on RaW (Radio at Warwick), my student radio station, A Payne In The Glass, which was dedicated to being totally unplanned and really quite student-y. Well, that show may have ended but from the ashes doth rise a phoenix of great magnitude... Your...
  9. essentialatom

    My mate shaves his beard.

    My friend has had a full beard since he was 16. It proved beyond any shadow of a doubt his manliness, but yesterday he made the heart-wrenching decision to remove his person of all face fungus. Bear in mind that few of his friends had seen him without a full beard - certainly nobody he knows at...
  10. essentialatom

    How to have sex with a car.

    I know this is long, but if you have the time to read it, it's... um... informative. :blink: No pictures, but a couple of ASCII diagrams which haven't worked here. The link to the original site's at the bottom. Either this is probably NSFW. I know I wouldn't look at it in the office...
  11. essentialatom

    A Payne in the Glass

    Heya, Some of you may have got used to me being around here by now. I'd like to use this thread to spread the word of my new radio show. I study at the University of Warwick, in the UK, and I recently began a radio show at RaW (Radio at Warwick) - in fact, the first broadcast was this morning...
  12. essentialatom

    Warwick Jailbreak 2007 - Please donate!

    Okay, this is something of a sequel to my previous charity thread ( which didn't prove very popular :P but I figured I'll put this up anyway. I go to Warwick University in England, and on the 10-11th November (that's this coming weekend) I am...
  13. essentialatom

    essentialatom's Britcar pics! (This is 56k hell)

    (Not sure if this is necessarily the right forum section, please move it if it should be somewhere else :)) I was down at the Britcar 24hrs from Friday to Sunday. I didn't have the best camera in the world (I'd have liked to have taken my dad's, he's got a great camera), but I thought I'd show...
  14. essentialatom

    Women in F1?

    This is something I just thought of, and I did a quick search and didn't find a thread concerning this - is Formula One a male-exclusive sport or, should a suitable female driver turn up, would she be allowed to compete? This is just to satisfy my curiosity :P
  15. essentialatom

    What's this car?

    I get the feeling that this car is a Jaguar C- or D-Type but I'm not sure it's even a Jag. Can anyone help me out? This is the only photo I have of it. It was spotted by a friend of mine at my old school, in the teachers' car park. Please ignore the girl :P
  16. essentialatom

    The Official 'Im Drjnknign I am Durkn tThread'!

    I would just like to say 5rhat I wam durnk,,, and that this is noit official. If Viper closes thisa tread... SORRY VIPER But I qam Drunk and other pepl are osmetimes so herre is our thread! if you are drunkkk poist in here!!! :mrgreen:
  17. essentialatom

    An amazing photo from space

    "If you look carefully at the NASA photo below, you will see a little white dot. This minute speck is Earth seen from the Voyager 1 spacecraft as it exits the solar system, nearly 4 billion miles away. The photo was taken back in 1990." :shock2: Now...
  18. essentialatom

    Mike & Ben's Charity Haircut - Red Nose Day 2007

    As some of you may be aware, Red Nose Day is soon approaching. This is the main source of income for Comic Relief, which is a British charity set up in the 1980s which now supports both Africa and people in the UK. Red Nose Day is a charity drive held every two years. For the past few years, it...
  19. essentialatom


    Remember in the first episode of the second series of Top Gear, Richard Hammond declared that he hated the Nissan Sunny? He compared it to celery. But now... he likes celery. So does he like the Nissan Sunny? :lol:
  20. essentialatom

    My 1993 Ford Fiesta... broken

    This car was the top-of-the-range Ghia when my mum made my gran buy it, because she knew it would be the car I learned to drive on, and so wanted it to have all the trimmings and last. My mate and I modded it in dirt :D Clarkson says you can't call yourself a petrolhead until you've owned...