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  1. kenezzite

    Picture of a horse? LOL

    I don't know how where this guy sees a horse, maybe you can help me out and outline it. I want to see what he was thinking. ROFL
  2. kenezzite

    DSL problem need help

    Well I usually have cable internet service, but than I just moved and thought i try out the DSL, five bucks cheaper so I thought why now, grrr. Anyway it seems way too slow, my downloads are on Azerous top off at like 170kb/s and I don't know what to do. Who ever has or knows about DSL do you...
  3. kenezzite

    Buying Nikon D50. Anything I need to know?

    Ok, My budget is around $600+. So I decided to buy Nikon D50. Anything I need to know before ordering it? or should I buy something else that I will need? does it come with a good Lens? Maybe there is a better camera you know of that is around that price? Anyway, i want to hear your opinion...
  4. kenezzite

    Finding new camera. (another n00b question)

    Hi guys :D I always wanted to buy a new camera, but decided not to look into untill I have some extra cash. Well I finally have $600 that I can spend on a good new camera. I have no knowladge of what to look in a camera :cry: . So I will basicly point out what I am planning to do with a...
  5. kenezzite

    MP3 font related, need help ;(

    Hey guys, I need some help to figure this out. Basicly I downloaded some foreign(russian) MP3's and all the names of the song i can't read at all. I can read russian but the font isn't russian at all, just something that Windows does when it can't recognize the font. So when I play the songs...
  6. kenezzite

    This new site kicks ass!!! Good job Viper

    I haven't been up on this site for like a month now, darn World of Warcraft is taking over my life, hehe. Anyway I just wanted to say this new site is just awsome, ten times better than the previous layout. :thumbsup:
  7. kenezzite

    Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

    Hey guys has anyone herd of this program yet? very cool you should check it out. But that's not the reason I'm asking. I'm looking for a Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 Preferred or Professional, please shoot me a PM if you know where I can get (dl) :mrgreen: it. I already have the Naturally...
  8. kenezzite

    Hard Drive Question

    I bought a new computer, Sony Vaio. But my compacityis 227MB, on the computer there is a label that says that the HardDrive is 250MB, what a lie. Now why would they do that? I'm thinking of buy the 400MB HD, now is it going to be 370MB or something like that? Why?
  9. kenezzite

    World of Warcraft

    I hear only good things about this game. The reviews are all good. I'm thinking of getting into it. Is anyone here playing this game yet? if so Please tell me more about this game and if you happen to know where I can download some actual realtime ingame footage, that will be great :thumbsup: ...
  10. kenezzite

    XBox 2 in game shots

    these are amazing......... what you guys think? I still think PS3 will be better :mrgreen:
  11. kenezzite

    What are some of the best FTP programs?

    I'm looking to try some of the FTP programs, what do you recommend? and why?
  12. kenezzite

    3M new Security Glass!

    Guys if you know anything about this, please share, I still can't belive the glass is THAT GOOD. :o
  13. kenezzite

    Bad news, I had a little accident. *picture

    Well I was driving home from Blockbuster after renting out the new Getaway: Black Monday video game. It was snowing this morning and freezing rain last night, but i didn't pay any attention to the road that much sense I was on my street already, so I see my drive way and I start to slow down...
  14. kenezzite

    Using Proper English *MUST SEE LESSON*

    Here is a lesson for you all.
  15. kenezzite

    justin syder something for you.

    I made this Avatar for you if you want, or you can add it to your sig.
  16. kenezzite

    1974 Porsche Targa

    I'm looking at a 1974 Porshe Targa. Millage is 115,000+, everyday driving. He's Asking $7,500 I've seen the car and it's not in good condition. The interior is in kind of old bad shape, the body is not that great. But the car is running and working, but it's needs work I think. I'm thinking...
  17. kenezzite

    Question* HardDrive Hook up through USB

    Well I have this two HardDrives from my older pc, and I was wondering if I can somehow hook them up to my laptop through USB. Is it Possible? If it is, what kind of cables do I need? please help
  18. kenezzite

    I'm 98% normal.

    At the end of this message, you are asked a question. Answer it immediately. Don't stop and think about it. Just say the first thing that pops into your mind. This is a fun "test"... AND kind of spooky at the same time! Give it a try, then post it as a new bulletin with your "score". Be...
  19. kenezzite

    ASIMO-Honda's new robot. AWSOME

    I never heard of this ASIMO robot until today and I was amazing when i did a research on robots after watching I ROBOT the movie . Anyway I thought I would share this with you maybe you will like maybe not. Tell me what you guys think, maybe in the future we can buy our own . Here's a little...
  20. kenezzite

    AWSOME shockwave GAME

    I can't belive shockwave has come to this, i remember i used to play shockwave when they just started, but now check this game out. It pretty good for shockwave. Also try: 4 wheel fury