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  1. NotFastNough

    Honda previews the 2019 Honda Insight

    The 3rd generation Insight is coming soon...
  2. NotFastNough

    Toyota electrify entire lineup by 2025
  3. NotFastNough

    Luxgen car brand

    Many of you may never have heard of this automotive brand, but here is my blog post about Luxgen. Luxgen ? Rare Fruit You May Never See | All Wheels Forward I test drove three Luxgen models recently during a trip to Taiwan. I will be posting my first review of the Luxgen S5 Turbo sedan next week.
  4. NotFastNough

    [04x07] November 5th, 2013

    This has to be the episode where they show the Tesla Model S and the mall racing with the Ford Focus EV and the Nissan Leaf. This one should be quite good as I love the Model S!
  5. NotFastNough

    [03x06] September 25, 2012

    The final episode before the break.