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  1. Anesthesia

    Ownership Verified: I bought Galantti's scooter

    We worked over a deal with @Galantti for me to buy his Scooter. So I took the company van and drove over. I got there just in time for a sleepy, soon to be owner of one less vehicle and a scooter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Just that it's not THAT scooter! :D All the money was...
  2. Anesthesia

    Ownership Verified: Anesthesia's american 2-wheel - "bob"

    So I pulled the trigger and bought a Harley Davidson. Ever since I saw that certain Austrian on that certain bike I knew I wanted one. So, I traded in a bike that's reputation is being reliable to something that's reputation is mostly dropping parts(Funny how that old bike was never reliable)...
  3. Anesthesia

    "Team Finland" roadtrip. Now with even more pictures.

    Originally these were in the ringmeet thread but they needed their own post since there's so many of them so here they are! Over the 12 days we did 6516km in the hatch with @DaBoom. Mostly without issues to my surprise. The scenery was something I'll not forget, once again thanks to Mikko for...
  4. Anesthesia

    Top Mountain Motorcycle museum

    We visited a motorcycle museum on our roadtrip. Here are the shots I took. One down below, rest of them are in the link under it. This year there was a special Indian exhibit. Rest of the pictures:
  5. Anesthesia

    Ownership Verified: Anesthesia's daily driver. I skipped the 90's

    So after looking at at least half a dozen different makes and models I ended up with my 4th honda. I now have no excuses. Hondamies it is. It's a 2005 accord sport business. Full service history and the K-series K20 engine. Same engine as the civic Type R, but with a milder tune(cams and...
  6. Anesthesia

    Someone Else's Problem: Anesthesia's 2-wheeler...take two(?)

    So here is my new ride. As some might know I had a '96 yamaha XV 535 for a year and seeing as I knew I would not have it for long I didn't do a thread on it. This one though is different so I might as well. It is a '93 Kawasaki VN1500. Visually it has some flaws and it's not exactly clean...
  7. Anesthesia

    Ownership Verified: Anesthesia's 4G Civic

    So here's my summer car. Proof of ownership coming tomorrow. 1988 Honda civic 1.6i-16. A fairly rare dohc model(157 sold in Finland) that I bought 2006 all riced out. A few years later and we're just about stock. All the rice mods are gone. These included painted vents, skirts, tinted lights...