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  1. MrLeon

    My 2004 SEAT Leon 1.8 20VT TS

    I traded my old '01 Leon 1.8T and some money for a newer example of the great 1M Leon. It's a 1.8 20VT which means it has the VW 1.8 turbocharged 20 valve engine. Love it. 8) TS stands for Top Sport. It's got 180hp, FWD and 6-speed manual box. This one has 31000 kilometers on the clock and has...
  2. MrLeon

    My '02 Seat Leon

    I thought I'd post my motor too. The rear end It's a 2002 Seat Leon 1.8 20VT Sport. That means it has the almost legendary VAG 1.8 turbocharged engine with 180hp and about 240Nm @ 1950-5000rpm. 8) Sport equipment level gives 15mm lowered & stiffer suspension, better seats and those...