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  1. qube

    What car is Clarkson talking about here?

    Should find someone on here who can identify this Clarkson quote, could win ?550! Matthew
  2. qube

    215 MPH + Viper This is impressive, he only had a 1.5 mile runway. Matthew
  3. qube

    Can someone explain the RX-8 to me

    This car seems quite popular on here but I can't think why. To me it's a cool looking thing but let down terribly by that nasty revvy engine. It's got no tourque, drinks oil and produces crappy milage. Also as it's mainly driven by women who never check the oil in a car anyway a second hand...
  4. qube

    Disapearing posts

    Noticed that several of my posts have disapeared; a glitch or have I been given the finger? Matthew
  5. qube

    Hammond interviewed in this months Classic American

    Classic American magazine (UK publication about US car scene in the UK) has a 4 page spread interviewing Hammond about his 69 Dodge Charger.
  6. qube

    Why do petrol driven cars require more petrol when cold?

    Never had a satisfactory explanation as to why cars are so much more inefficient when they're cold but Diesels are the same no matter what temp. Anyone on here who can clear it up? Cheers Matthew