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  1. tom_kauf

    Guest joke about the French not having a word for Apes?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know which episode this was in? I've just gone through ALL my episodes of TG and could not find the one where the guest (woman, I think) tells the joke about the French not having a word for Apes. Where in Planet of the Apes, the english version says "we are not monkeys...
  2. tom_kauf

    Anyone know Turkish on here? (and can translate a few short sentences)

    Hi guys & girls, I need someone who can translate Turkish to English, please. Only a few short sentences. It?s for a great cause??...a GIRL of course :wub: (she's in her early 20s). She speaks perfect English, but posts on Facebook with her sister in Turkish (has a Turkish mother and English...
  3. tom_kauf

    My Day at the N?rburgring (shame I couldn?t make it to the FinalGear meet)

    It was a fantastic day, worth every cent. We had great weather, we met Sabine in an SLR 722, and I got her autograph :D. Even better than the Track itself, was the atmosphere. It was packed. I thought there wouldn?t be that many people there on a Monday, but both the main carparks were full. We...
  4. tom_kauf

    HOORAY, TG in Australia (on SBS)

    Hooray, :thumbsup: :banana: :mouse: Did anyone else see the Ad for TG here in Australia, on SBS after Mythbusters today (5th)? It starts at 7pm on Monday (12th). From the Ads it looked like Season 6, but that's ok, it's only 6 months old. I'm so happy, very very happy. I messaged all my...
  5. tom_kauf

    Which Car should I buy??? (Should be a bit Luxurious/Sporty)

    Hi everyone, :thumbsup: I'm deciding which car to buy. I want a bit of luxury with a bit of sportyness. I sold a 1998 Civic Gli about 6months ago. What do you all think about these? The BMWs are at the upper limit of my price range (Australian$28000, US$22,000, 17,000 EURO, ?12,000): (I...