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  1. yuchungman

    sluggish SE xperia pro, suggestions?

    I used to have a Samsung galaxy WiFi 4.0 before I have this xperia pro, so natually when I first registered my new phone to my gmail account, the apps I used to have were automatically transferred to the new phone. since then the phone starts to slow down. after a while the phone is so slow that...
  2. yuchungman

    engineering drawing using Solidworks 2009

    Hello, I'm a student studying mechanical engineering in the University of Hong Kong. I'm going to do a engineering drawing using Solidworks 2009, and I'm planning to do a model of a Golf GTI Mk I (guess it's boxy and would be easier to make, but it's also a car I like). Obviously I've attended...
  3. yuchungman

    Have problems installing USB wifi reciever onto my desktop

    Here's my spec: Intel Core i5-750(stock clock) ASUS P7P55D 4Gb RAM GTX 260+ Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit I used to have an Edimax EW-7711uan USB reciever. It worked fine in two XP systems I used to won. When I try to install it with the the reciever plugged in, the prograss bar stuck and didn't...
  4. yuchungman

    A crap is (going to be) reborn

    my dad just gave me his old Acer TravelMate 2303 laptop. The monitor of this thing is dying, with vertical lines on the screen. I've plugged with an external monitor and it shows no defects. So it's probably the screen's problem, not the IGP What I want to do is to make it a back up computer at...
  5. yuchungman

    another disappearing desktop

    My computer cannot display anything after booting into Windows XP. The login window disappeared, but i can still log in. After that, the wallpaper is reduced to 16:9 mode, and all the desktop icons and the mouse are also disappeared. The only thing i can see is the start menu and the lower bar...
  6. yuchungman

    CPU declocked, need to restore

    My Core 2 Duo E6320 mysteriously declocked itself from 1866Mhz to 1600Mhz, I've checked the BIOS and it states it's running at its default speed (1866) but CPU-Z says it's running 1600...What's going on? how can I fix this?
  7. yuchungman

    Summerizing my upgrade

    as discussed in this thread, I've bought a 8600GT but the case won't fit and the PSU sucks. As my exam will end next Thursday, I'd finally have some time building the bloody thing. But I still don't know what case and PSU should I buy... here are my needs: Case: must fit my micro-ATX mobo, have...
  8. yuchungman

    Can't run Java on firefox

    My firefox kept crashing down when there is a Java app in the page, what happened? I'm now using on windows XP
  9. yuchungman

    Internet connection problem

    I am using ASUS P5B-VM SE motherboard and I am having internet connection problem since I start using this computer almost one year ago. at first, the build-in Ethernet card doesn't turn on as the computer boots, so I may have to reboot several times to get it working. Also, the computer...
  10. yuchungman

    Suggestions for a new video card

    since my video card cannot play Rainbow Six Vegas (and 2), I would really like to buy a new one unfortunately my computer has a low-profile case, that means the height of the card must be no higher than 2.5 inches(i believe) also, I may need to connect the computer to a HDTV, so a HDMI ouput is...