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  1. kenezzite

    Marketing/Selling your Photos (ie.: calendars, posters, etc.)

    take pictures of Spiderman in action, and sell them to the local news paper!
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    Random Thoughts....

    My accord looks like Mustang? O.o My accord looks like Mustang? O.o So I drove up to my drive through bank, to make a deposit, and while I was filling out the papers, the lady at the window tells me. " That's a really nice Mustang.":blink: My car is a '95 Honda Accord. I did tell her it was...
  3. kenezzite

    Team Finalgear in the 24 Hours of Lemons

    You did good, real good, but as long as I'm around you'll always be the second best.
  4. kenezzite

    My Honda CB550 Bike Restoration Project

    Is it done yet? where are the progress pics?
  5. kenezzite

    My Honda CB550 Bike Restoration Project

    WoW that's some project, my hat off to you man. I can't wait to see when you'll finish it. I might buy it. <_<
  6. kenezzite

    Recognition of Final Gear by Top Gear production team where is Viper007Bond's share of they money? I mean he made so much publicity for you! BBC share the happine$$! :cool: :viper:
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    Random Thoughts....

  8. kenezzite

    GT:HD Screen Shots

    You can't run over those people? It just looks so tempting :devil:
  9. kenezzite

    Picture of a horse? LOL

    I don't know how where this guy sees a horse, maybe you can help me out and outline it. I want to see what he was thinking. ROFL
  10. kenezzite

    DSL problem need help

    Ah thank you guys for clearing that up for me, but now i'm depressed and will go cry.
  11. kenezzite

    DSL problem need help

    I had cable for the past 3 years, the speed tops off like at 800kp/s when I download torrents and some files or even movies off the internet. But I thought I try this DSL thing and see what's it all about. grrr. I have up to 1.5 Mbps download/384K upload. I think that's what I signed up for. So...
  12. kenezzite

    DSL problem need help

    Well I usually have cable internet service, but than I just moved and thought i try out the DSL, five bucks cheaper so I thought why now, grrr. Anyway it seems way too slow, my downloads are on Azerous top off at like 170kb/s and I don't know what to do. Who ever has or knows about DSL do you...
  13. kenezzite

    Cars in Downtown San Francisco, CA USA

    I love that volvo 240 hehe.
  14. kenezzite

    Buying Nikon D50. Anything I need to know?

    Ok, My budget is around $600+. So I decided to buy Nikon D50. Anything I need to know before ordering it? or should I buy something else that I will need? does it come with a good Lens? Maybe there is a better camera you know of that is around that price? Anyway, i want to hear your opinion...
  15. kenezzite

    Your Camera Equipment

    Hold on, you bought that? that's $3,490.00 :shock:
  16. kenezzite

    Finding new camera. (another n00b question)

    Thanks Eroy2, i'm still doing my research before I buy. But the Canon S3 IS has only 6 megapixels, which is kind of sad.
  17. kenezzite

    Tell me about Brisbane

    There are a lot of beatiful Australian chicks. Maybe you will get lucky. :thumbsup:
  18. kenezzite

    Random Thoughts....

    Hey guys i need a hug!!!!! plz someone
  19. kenezzite

    Lollapalooza Day 1-3

    Nice pictures dude, those girls are hot :blowup:
  20. kenezzite

    Pictures from my vacation

    oh nice, i enjoyed the pictures, more plz I ride motorcycles too, what kind of bike is that? maybe you got a picture?