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  1. Bizness

    Ferrari 458 vs F-150

    Not sure if it's a repost, if so sorry.
  2. Bizness

    Blue Devil (ZR1) vs Blue Angel (F-18 Hornet)

    Hopefully not a repost (I did search :mrgreen:)
  3. Bizness

    Help the Canadian

    I have a contest going with a few friends on this minicity thing. currently I'm 187 in all of Canada (out of 7000) but I'm trying to get into the top 100 or even 50. All you have to do is click each link once (can only hit once daily to count) theres no popups or spyware, and you dont have to...
  4. Bizness

    My 2004 Cobra Vert

    Woo Hoo a another whore your car thread..LOL bought new in 2004 2004 Cobra Vert #1474 of 1896 built 1 of only 167 Red Vert's built Best et 11.71@118.50 MPH RWHP 491 TQ501 Major Mods 2.8 custom pulley Bassani X-Pipe Magnaflow cat back Ported T/B 12" K&N a/f 2007 Winter mods...
  5. Bizness

    Trial of Swede who totaled Ferrari Enzo begins

    Hes in more shit CLICk
  6. Bizness

    NooB From Canada

    Just wanted to say hey whats up. Cool site, been lurking for some time... Huge car fanatic here. Mostly Fords. Father worked for Ford for 30 years Current cars are a 2004 Mustang Cobra SVT Vert and a 2002 Focus SVT. Focus SVT Previous rides include: 1999 Cobra SVT Vert 1999 Contour...