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  1. Wizegui

    Arethose pins corroded?

    I want to see if you guys think if the two darker pins on the bottom are corroded. Is it an issue? I just wanted to clarify that what I am talking about is the socket or plug that is in the middle of the picture. The one that is to the left of "nabir" writing. The fourth and fifth pins to the...
  2. Wizegui

    Computer Question

    Does an Enermax NoiseTaker 420W EG425P-VE have what it takes to handle an AMD Phenom II X4 chipset and Radeon 6850 videocard?
  3. Wizegui

    A new PC on a budget

    I just wanted to ask for your advice. I'm hoping to build a new desktop for around $700-800 CAD. Optimistically, I would like an Intel Core i5 system if that is possible. Thanks guys. Here is my configuration: NCIX P55 Bundle Deal Core I5 750 2.66GHZ Quad Core CPU & MSI P55-CD53 P55 ATX DDR3...
  4. Wizegui

    Computer refuses to boot

    For some reason my desktop is refusing to boot. When I turn the power on, the fans and all that other stuff starts to move but there is no boot sequence or and beeping noises. It doesn't even show the Asus boot image thing that you usually get. In fact, you don't get any display at all. PC...
  5. Wizegui

    Autoblog: The truth to where your tax dollars actually went First of all, I hated the song when it first came out. People say that when you buy a Prius, you are also buying into the whole "smug factor" as well. With this, I think Chevy have just taken it to a whole new level. Instead of...
  6. Wizegui

    Help with a wallpaper

    I was just wondering if there was any way to make it so that this image would fit perfectly on a 1280x800 desktop? Thanks. +rep for anyone who can help me out.
  7. Wizegui

    Autoblog: Honda tries to get hype through Facebook with negative consequences

    From Autoblog: The people have spoken and the verdict is in: no one likes the Crosstour. Does anyone else think the Hyundai Equs-esque rear end is slightly awkward :blink:
  8. Wizegui

    A problem with my new router

    I just went out and bought a Linksys WRT160N and I'm already having issues setting it up. Whenever I try to connect a device (laptop, iPod), none of the devices can connect to the network. I tried switching between WPA2 and no security whatsoever, and it still cannot connect the Wifi network...
  9. Wizegui

    Laptop Help

    Okay, so I have whittled my choices for a new laptop for university down to two possible candidates: The ASUS F50SV-X4C or the HP HDX 16.0".
  10. Wizegui

    A question for you computer experts.

    Basically, the issue is that I really want to play GTA IV, but my PC sucks: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Asus A8N-E Mobo 1 GB PC3200 DDR1 RAM Asus Geforce 6600 256 MB Vanilla 250 GB Seagate SATA II Harddrive My dad has been shopping around for a new computer and he is planning to buy this soon...
  11. Wizegui

    Sugestions for a new router

    My POS Dlink WBR 2310 has acted up after only a little over a year's usage, and I need a new router. I prefer to get one that is under $100 and around $60 maybe. I need something reliable and a strong signal and preferably not a Dlink.
  12. Wizegui

    Problems with my router

    I currently use a D-Link WBR-2310, and the issue is that for some reason, when you are connected to the network, you cannot go on the internet. The only way to go on the internet is to go into the router management page ( and then perform a factory reset. After that, the internet can...
  13. Wizegui

    Should I buy an iPod Touch?

    Now that I have a job and I actually make (some) money, I wanted to treat myself to something and I am thinking about buying an iPod Touch 8GB now. I know that it cannot be jailbroken yet, but Future Shop is now selling it for $240 and it comes with a Kensington FM transmitter (which is...
  14. Wizegui

    Help with Chemistry please!

    I don't know if this is where I post my rather stupid question, but here it goes (this is a Common Ion Effect question): Any sort of (relevant) help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Wizegui

    Fifth Gear on Discovery Canada

    It appears that on June 7 (today), they are starting to air Fifth Gear. The thing that I found interesting was that they had cut the show from an hour (with commercials) down to 30 minutes (with commercials). This means that a lot of the useless crap is cut out, but it also means that some of...
  16. Wizegui

    Autoblog - Audi R8 V10 Hmm that bi-tubo V10 sounds great, but it sounds a bit Italian. Oh right..... So now with the R8 V10, who would buy the Gallardo?? The Audi willl probably7 be...
  17. Wizegui

    Calling to all PSP Slim owners

    I'm now totally tired of carrying around and playing UMD games, so I decided to mod my PSP Slim to play homebrew games. To people who have hacked their PSP Slims to use the custom m33 firmware, do I need the Pandora battery permanently to use the custom firmware or can I just use the Pandora...
  18. Wizegui

    Fifth Gear to be replaced?

    I was just browsing around the Autocar website when I came across this: Can anyone make some sense out of this? Why would Five need another car show?
  19. Wizegui

    What would Frank Bullitt Drive today??

    I was just scouring around TTAC the other day when I found a similar comment. The question is, what would Frank Bullitt drive today? In my mind, it would have to be fast (obviously), preferably American, V8, loud, and be painted in the same color as the original. The new Bullitt Mustang would be...
  20. Wizegui

    DHCP client problem

    Recently, my machine has been slow. It runs the applications fine, but it takes forever to open a folder (even one with nothing in it). I can't disable it since I need it to go on the internet. I've done virus scans, spyware scans, and Ive come up with nothing. I got help and narrowed it down to...