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  1. veneficus

    [01x01] September 29th, 2008

    i want to like it but i cant... its just too.. idiotic.
  2. veneficus

    [10x01] October 7th, 2007

    yup, i like the format of last season, the challanges are entertaining and the wife can enjoy the show with me.. if it was all car review then id be back to watching it by myself... though i dop hope to see the odd hypercar review amoungst the lunacy
  3. veneficus

    Colin McRae's helicopter crashes [UPDATE: Colin killed, RIP]

    thats so sad, and he was one fo the greats.
  4. veneficus

    James May in Second Life

    yea im geting the bush thing too.
  5. veneficus

    Top Gear/MPH coming to Australia in '08!

    oh ill be at the sydney one,,, i juat wish tickets were available or could be pre booked
  6. veneficus

    New Bugatti Veyron Race

    ohh i cant wait! this next season is going to be a ripper
  7. veneficus

    Aussie FG meetup! (melbourne)

    id be keen, but im in NSW... perhaps something like the F1 in melbourne or something might be a good event to catch up?
  8. veneficus

    Recognition of Final Gear by Top Gear production team

    cool, i shouldpost more often then - rather the just lurk ;)
  9. veneficus

    [08x01] May 7th, 2006

    im looking for the D.V. song too, with no luck. can i get it e-mailed to me too?