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  1. Roland

    Very Offensive Times Article

    :roll: :lol:
  2. Roland

    A Card for Richard Hammond - your messages for him.

    Greetings from Sweden. I hope you will get well soon. Whether or not Top Gear will return, it has been the best show i have ever seen, and probably ever will. So thank you and, again, i hope you will get well soon. Jesper Karlsson Stockholm, Sweden
  3. Roland

    Slobodan Milosevic got what he deserved.

    Well, i would have prefered that he would have been convicted and rott in prison for the rest of his life, and then die alone in a cell...
  4. Roland

    Other students distressing :)

    yeah i have seen it, it's really amazing...
  5. Roland

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you! :)
  6. Roland

    OMFG SNOW!!!11

    The difference becomes more apparent if u have lived somewhere else i guess...
  7. Roland

    OMFG SNOW!!!11

    :lol: It's not like snow is dangerous u know ;)
  8. Roland

    OMFG SNOW!!!11

    :lol: I remeber when i used to live in the US (NJ) we had snow days when we were free from school. When it snowed it was really an event. Itr is so diffrent over here in Sweden, it's just a part of daily life. Go out and enjoy it viper! :)
  9. Roland

    Got my drivers license :D!!!

    Thx :) The cost depends on if and how many lessons u take on driving school. I ended up paying about 4500 KR, which is about $550. Without any lessons at all i think it is about 2500 kr ($300). I think i spent 3 or four hours on driving school and i've driven with my parents since i was 16. I...
  10. Roland

    Loose Change - A 9/11 Video

    I don't really understand how u got that from what i wrote, but anyways. That is most definitly not what i'm doing, i'm just saying that just because someone/something is critizising something does not mean it's true. Sure there are a lot of strange circumstances arround 9/11 but that does...
  11. Roland

    Best BT client?

    Thanks guys, i think i will go for utorrent...
  12. Roland

    Loose Change - A 9/11 Video

    The thing with these kind of situations is that there are a million diffrent parameters. Conspirancy theorists take just a couple of those that do not SEEM to fit the general consensus. The human brain works in the way that it simplifies things to make them understandable, because the worst...
  13. Roland

    "Beat the Person Above You" Game (NO 56k)

    Swiss Guard > Swiss Mountain Guard
  14. Roland

    Best BT client?

    I made a lazy search on this subject but didn't get anything. ATM I'm using bittornado and have been doing it for ages. But latly my download speed has dropped quite a bit for some reason. Can anyone recomend a BT client which works well and isn't complicated?
  15. Roland

    Got my drivers license :D!!!

    :lol: But seriously viper how come u haven't got it?
  16. Roland

    Bonsai Kitten

    ' :roll:
  17. Roland

    U.S. Isolated by Stance on Global Warming

    I'm no expert in this area of knowledge and quite frankly i have no idea whether or not these resent astonishing acts of nature are caused by global warming. What I do know though is that people need to take their individual responcibility for being as energy sufficient as possible. Also, imo...
  18. Roland

    Dads car caught fire....sob

    Haha Ren, still being the forum police :coplight: i see! :lol: Anyways, FatYao, thats sucks big time! :(
  19. Roland

    Got my drivers license :D!!!

    Haha, yeah I wish :)
  20. Roland

    Got my drivers license :D!!!

    Shame on you! :lol: